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Refurbished phones

Less than 3 months after pruchasing a new phone it was in need of repair. The phone was sen for repair but what came back was a refurbshed model. The cost of the new phone was in the region of $1200. The online cost of the rebubished model is in the ...

DGB by Friendly Neighbour
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Add a new sim to my plan

How do I get add Microsoft Surface Pro to my current data plan? I have the sim already. I just need to add it to my account. Do I've to phone them? which is a REAL pain. TIA

slam5 by Friendly Neighbour
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Spam Calls Pretending to be TELUS

Twice today I got calls from Alberta (I'm in BC) claiming to be TELUS and telling me my internet is slow and to "go to my router". Both times I asked them to tell me my account number and they said "Ma'am, I'm from the tech department and we don't ha...

Samsung S7 doesn't send or download pics, audio etc..

Anyone with the same issue or knows how to fix it?! Checked internet connection already, cleared cache on WhatsApp (there's where I noticed something was wrong) bit nothing..Had a software update the last couple of days, not sure if it's related!

M4ri by Just Moved In
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My Galaxy S9 doesn't seem like my Galaxy S9?

Hey I'm having this issue that on some apps it's saying my S9 isn't compatible because it's an S5 plus and also My telus app is saying incant add another device? Really? It's the same device i got when i started this stupid plan... I'm almost ready t...

Calls dropping .

My calls have been dropping for the past month and half. After contacting telus they sent me to apple and apple gave a replacement device . But it is still happening and telus doesn't wanna do anything about it. All they are is sorry . If I wanna can...

delta117 by Just Moved In
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