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Samsung S21U 5G connection issues


We recently had 5G enabled in our city and while my phone (S21 Ultra on latest update) will sometimes connect to 5G, it will only stay connected briefly and while not moving (ie not while driving around). I can confirm there is sufficient 5G signal as I've tested this pretty much under a 5G tower with the same results. I will have full 5G signal for a few minutes then it will fall back to LTE or LTE-A and will not reconnect to 5G unless I turn airplane mode on/off or go into the network selection and change to LTE/WCDMA back to 5GNR/LTE/WCDMA then it will connect, but again, will follow the same pattern of connecting for a few minutes then going back to LTE.


Has anyone else experienced this? I have an iPhone 12 that I use for work and it will stay connected to 5G all the time now and rarely fall back to LTE, so I know it's not signal strength. 


I'm just wondering if Samsung has a really aggressive power savings mode for 5G or if there is actually something wrong with my phone.


Just Moved In
Just wondering if this ever got solved. My wife has an iPhone that has no issues staying on 5G but my s21 ultra seems to not be on it most times and if it does it drops off of it easily.