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Issue with samsung 23 ultra

Just Moved In

HI  i got a new samsung 23 ultra in december in march it out of the blue it wouldnt register sim card or stay on ... i sent it in to samsung and its not covered on warranty apparently because a a small scatch in the screen.... so i got a second opinion with price to fix of up to $1000 , i am a student and a single mom so i need a working phone . any ideas suggestions or help would be appreciated .  both samsung and other phone fix place say it needs a motherboard...... im so frustrated 



Have you tried switching your pSIM physical SIM card to an eSIM?  An eSIM is stored in flash in flash memory on the main board of the device but is separate from the physical SIM pins and area of the mainboard.  If the rest of your device seems to be working properly.  The eSIM being scanned in with a barcode you can get from Telus by purchasing an eSIM to replace your pSIM.

Thank you its worth a try .