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Web Store Issue


Three weeks ago I attempted to order a Certifed-Used Like New, IPhone 14 Pro Max.
It showed as backordered in the Web store but still let me order it and said they would ship with in a week of ordering. The shipping date came and went, I then received an email stating no longer in stock. I waited a couple weeks and the same phone came back up in the web store. I tried to order again and went through the whole process again with paying applicable taxes, then after all was confirmed and payed I received an email stating no longer in stock.

This phone is still on the we store showing as available to order, but back ordered. So if anyone tries to order this they will just be denied after doing all the steps and paying for it.

This has been very frustrating and disappointing. If an item is not available it should not be on the website to order.

Community Manager
Community Manager

No doubt. Your best bet would be to reach out to our Webstore team directly at 1-866-488-2709 or by emailing [email protected] so they can investigate. Really appreciate your patience with this.