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Resolved! Phone times out before connection

Hello,I am 10 Km from the Whitemouth LTE tower. I was getting one bar. Neither of my Telus phones would connect all the time. The zte home phone is doing the same thing. I bought a booster two weeks ago. I now have 5 bars. My phones still time out mo...

bovoril by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! heads up

the following numbers have been used to try and scam me 2049905204 , 2049906420 , 2049905217its an automated call saying you will be arrested if you don't pish the number 1 to speak to a officer of the courtim still waiting to be arrested lol

rouge545 by Just Moved In
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Can i use a wifi extender with Telus smart hub

New trailer has a King wifi extender. I use the Telus ZTE smart hub and the coverage is poor at best. Tried to connect the extender wirelessly but it doesn’t work. Wondering if I need to connect the two devices with a phone cord or whether I’m stuck ...

iPad Pro 2018 LTE

Hi, I just ordered online through Best Buy an iPad Pro 2018 with LTE and wanted to know if I would just be able to set it up seamlessly with Telus like I did my Apple Watch or if I need to buy a SIM card? It also comes with eSIM, is that feature avai...

sordeb by Just Moved In
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Order processing

I've ordered a new phone and a phone case online. I've received the phone case but the phone order is still being processed. How long does it usually take for them the process and then ship a phone?

Desray by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Airdrie cell service issue.

Are there any issues with cell service occurring in Airdrie at the moment (SW Windsong specifically)? For the past few weeks my household has been having nothing but issues throughout the day (dropped calls, quality issues, connection issues, robot v...

Crabjuice by Just Moved In
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Email to SMS Blocked

Hello All, I use a website that can send mobile updates via text. They use email to sms to deliver the updates. I've signed up with them in the past and had no issues, but currently they are unable to send me my activation code. They are getting an e...

Stevepac9 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Upgrading Phone from iPhone 6S to iPhone X

If I buy a used iPhone X can I transfer the SIM card from my iPhone 6S then begin using the iPhone X or do I have to contact Telus? Will changing my hardware force me to change rate packages? Thanks