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Tried getting an iphone 12 from telus on a new account but i cant because my “credit score”

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I’m 19 with a credit score of 652 and i’ve had my card for about 2 months and according to the internet thats an ok credit score. I tried ordering the iphone 12 pro and it says i cant due to my credit even though I have a full time job and my credit card is paid in full every 2 weeks; and no i am not getting a prepaid account im not broke lmao. advice?


@kysl2002  Best save up and buy outright. 

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Community Power User

You should use your credit card exclusively and pay it off every month and build up your credit history. Only having a credit card for two months you essentially don’t have any payment history. 


Koodo has some good prepaid plans as well as Telus. You have to start somewhere, before going post paid. 





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yeah i have an iphone 11 that i paid in full on a plan that i pay for every month so my credit score shouldnt matter…. im not poor so i dont wanna get a prepaid plan (yes thats my opinion) and my credit card does get paid off every 2 weeks

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Paying off your credit card every two weeks suggests you are making payments with every paycheque. It might build your credit faster to pay monthly shortly before the due date. While keeping your credit balance low by paying with each pay period keeps you comfortable with the balance, paying according to the terms is likely what the algorithm is looking for (ie. paid in full by the due date).
Also, as @WestCoasterBC indicates, put all your regular purchases on the card (gas, groceries, incidentals) to build your credit faster.


Do you already have a Telus plan? If not, it may make sense to buy the phone outright, or keep your current phon e as a BYOD, and just get a plan meeting your needs. Once Telus has a record of your payment history, they are more likely to advance you credit.


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