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Visa debit

I've been trying to upgrade my phone online paying with a visa debit.. it doesn't seem to work despite the fact there's more than enough money in the account.. I've always upgraded this way in the 5+ years I've been with telus...Ps.. sorry for all th...

Essential Phone - Security Updates/Credit

I purchased the Essential Phone in September. Since then Android has released 2 security patch updates; however, Telus has yet to push them through. All other carriers in North America have released the update. If I take out the Telus sim card and pu...

AWalks by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Stolen phone

Someone stole my phone and I still have 20 months to pay on my contract....What are my options?

Gaelle by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Compatible unlocked phone? Huawei Honor 6X from US

I apologize for bothering you folk but my Nokia 820 (Win10) is restarting constantly and I can get a US unlocked phone. Considering the Huawei Honor 6X and it uses the same nano-SIM as 820.Here are the Honor 6X's frequency specs - will this be fully ...

kmiles by Organizer
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Resolved! Texts not being received Samsung Galaxy S7

I visited the US for a month in September, and ever since I have come back to Canada my phone has been having problems receiving certain texts. I'm estimating I'm missing roughly 25% of my messages, and have to go through my usage records online ever...

gbeaks by Just Moved In
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Blackberry Unstoppable Tour

fyi.... the latest Blackberry devices will be on tour across Canada in early December. ...

xl by CPU Alum
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Resolved! Is the iPhone X shipping as 'unlocked'?

I'm currently with Rogers, but will be switching to Telus. I'm wondering if the Telus iPhone X model is shipping as 'unlocked' given the December 1st requirement (per Best Buy, all of their units are unlocked for all carriers). I have a pre-order in ...

mixedup by Just Moved In
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