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Galaxy Mega 6.3, thoughts?

So Telus and Koodo have announced they are going to release the Galaxy Mega 6.3 which, as the name states, has a 6.3' screen. Now the device is a mid range device with S3 secs and S4 software just in a huge body. What do you all think. Is it too big?...

Resolved! GDR2/Amber on Lumia 520

That page doesn't show that it's been tested or planned... Would be nice to see some commitement on sold devices. The update is being rolled on other carriers. AT&T even sell the devive ...

Why Limit Your High End Device ??

Hello All,I just don't understand why so many only use their flagship smartphone data features and apps on WIFI Only. I am using this amazing S3 where, for me, most of the fun is being out in the city and having the freedom to use it whenever you get...

S3love by Organizer
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Resolved! BlackBerry 10 app for Optic TV?

Hey everyone I just upgraded my device and after a quick search on BlackBerry World and I can't find an Optic TV app. Anyone know when this may be available? Jay

Jayman by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Thinking about the lumia520

I am thinking about getting the 520 because of price as well as the gps function. I would love to know if the 520's Here maps would also work in the US ? Or because we are in Canada and the sim would be from Canada is it only those maps we would have...

fawny43 by Organizer
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Resolved! Changing phones to a prepaid on a monthly contract

I absolutely HATE my HTC one V and am locked into another 2 years left on my contract. I am looking to get the Nokia Lumia 520 because of ease of use and the windows based OS. What I want to know is can I purchase a lumia say from ebay or a prepaid f...

fawny43 by Organizer
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need help with problems texting from canada to usa

i have been texting a couple people in the usa (i live in canada) and recently they have not been able to receive my messages unless i attach a picture. this is only happening while texting to the u.s.. what is going on??

caitlyn by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Restrictions passcode

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question but I am getting nowhere with the Apple community so here goes... I have the IPhone 4S as well as the ipad Mini. On both, the restrictions passcode has been set automatically. Nothing I ent...

Sylvie by Just Moved In
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