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Resolved! call back

hello i was cut off from a half hour conversation with a agent about my account# XXXXXXXX can i please have a call back at 5:00pm july11 2014 at XXX-XXX-XXXX as my current telus phone is broken

Resolved! annoying 9999999999 texts!!!

I get 2-3 texts a day from 9999999999, how do I stop this bullcrap?? i heard telus themselves is the one giving out our numbers...maybe i need to leave telus for another supplier. Any advive would be greatly appreciated. thanx

Resolved! Voicemail Settings for unlocked International Note 2?

My voicemail number was set as 647-580-4001 and was not working. It would call but I would never hear anything. I changed it to my mobile 10 digit number and now it works. It worked previously, though, and I did not change a setting. Was it supposed ...

unL33T by Just Moved In
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Upgrading my android version

I have a Galaxy SII X running on an old version of android. I want to upgrade but when trying to connect to Kies, it says that it does not recognize my device. I am asked to upgrade to version 3 (which should not support my device) and when I did I g...

AdamS by Just Moved In
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Prepaid service

Hello,I saw on the telus website that you can activate your own phone on prepaid service. I click on the links and it cannot be found. How does this service work.

legacy_93 by Just Moved In
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Wet phone

Hello,My phone was on and it got a bit wet it wasn't submerged, I dried it off and turned it off, then I took the back off and the battery out. I left it to dry for a bit, I went online to find out what to do and it was mentioned that there is a smal...

legacy_93 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! iPhone 6 - Let's get It Started

Okay, so now that all other OEMs have announced their flagship phones for the year (with the exception of the Samsung F launching post-iphone), who has been holidng out for the 'new big thing' from Apple? See what I did there? haha Personally, i'm he...

Resolved! How can i locate my phone

Hi - lost my business Samsung phone at the Ottawa International Airport today on my way to Winnipeg. I called lost and found and nothing has come up. I tried calling the phone and it goes to voice mail after 4 rings, as usual. My phone is on silent t...

ffili by Just Moved In
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Resolved! phone cards

how is it i can buy two phone cards and stilll con not use my phone

salina by Just Moved In
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