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overpriced contracts

why are the prices become so high on a new contract. because of that i now have to take other avenues to upgrade my phone.

shamus75 by Neighbour
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Apple iMessage deregistration tool, when going to Android

Finally making it easy for end users who have problems changing operating system platforms. asked questions

nasty by Rockstar
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Resolved! 10-Tips For Protect Your Android

ATTENTION - Most of these Tips are well-known for some ANDROID-Users. But for sure some members, would welcome to read more info about. Applying these Tips to protect our Cellphones, doesn't sound a tedious job. There's a link in paragraph-1 called (...

v9 by Rockstar
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Resolved! Can I use the XiaoMi 4 on LTE?

Because I might get one soon from China and I'd like to switch to a XiaoMi from my iphone 5c. Follow up question:If yes, do I have to get a new sim card or no?

failsauce by Just Moved In
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Resolved! GSM unlocked phone

Will a GSM Unlocked phone work with telus? The phone isCompatible with GSM CarriersSupported Bands: LTE 4,5,7, HSPA 1,2,4,5/6 Thanks!

maxblack by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Ordering Samsung Note 4

How long does shipping normally take? Also, are there certain Telus stores around the GTA that are able to waive device balances since it seems available online for me? I normally do not order devices online and would rather purchase it in-person, bu...

Raine by Organizer
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Resolved! Text Messages

I think a great idea would be cancel the $5.00 monthly charge for international texts and have this as a value added service to Telus Customers. I could not believe I had to start paying for my texts to the USA at $5.00.month, Canada has one of the h...

Resolved! Areas of Coverage for my iPhone

I live in the GTA and don't have any problems with my service here. I have a cottage in the township of North Frontenac near Northbrook ON. There my service is spotty. I have trouble sending and receiving emails using my data plan. My husband uses a ...

2264 by Just Moved In
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14 week iPhone 6 backorder??

I'm a loyal Telus costumer who reserved an iPhone 6 on the very first day of pre-orders back in September from one of Telus's corporate retailers. Now, nearly 2 months later, not only has my order not shipped, the latest update says no stock expected...

Resolved! Data & Minutes

Update to suggestion...... Be able to roll over left over minutes & data to the next month on your phone.