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I've been here since Monday and have extremely limited access. My phone was supposed to be unlocked, when I inserted my SIM card no screen came up to type in the password. Could you please resolve the ississue as I'm out $50 for "unlocking" my phone and another $60 American for the SIM card.

Cory McKenzie.

Community Power User
Community Power User

The Neighbourhood is inhabited by customers,  just like you, who have no access to your account. 

If your phone is an Android, you should have been given an unlock code to type into your phone. If an iPhone, you should have just needed to restart and go through the set up steps for your phone upon inserting the fresh SIM.


Are you seeing an error of any sort?


You can, of course contact Telus using the options in the Contact Us section at the bottom of the page. There is also a chat function if you have a computer available to you.

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I assume you don't mean an iphone because you referred to entering a password. When unlocking your device it's always a good idea to do this before you leave so that you can call back if you need further help. You can do this by getting a sim from a friend or family member who doesn't use Telus. Once a sim card is inserted from a carrier that is not telus your device should ask for your unlocking pin. Try turning it off and on again if it's not recognizing the other carrier's sim card. If that still doesn't work I would see if that same American carrier or a friend down there has another sim card you could try. If a second sim also doesn't prompt the device for the unlock pin then there is something wrong. If you call Telus back they can email a third party for further instructions as it's on the manufacturer end but it's EXCEPTIONALLY rare. The number for client care if you don't have your original Telus sim card with you (it's free to call Telus anywhere in the world on *611 if you have your Telus sim card with you) for free from the US is 1-866-771-9666

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