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So when is telus going to release Android 11 and UI 3.0 for the S10 series? Why don't you unlock the bootloader and let me do what I want with my device? 

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Bootloader is locked by the manufacturer. Samsung loves locking down their devices and has for a long time. 


The Android 11 update was only announced in the last few days and there are few articles detailing the release dates. Switzerland appears to have it now. The UK is supposedly getting 11 for the S10 in February.  Samsung is well known for releasing updates in only a limited number of countries at a time. Canada is often far down the list. If the UK release is in February, I wouldn't be surprised if Canada is later than that. We won't know for sure until either Samsung announces it or Telus adds it to the software updates list.

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The bootloader on the S10 is locked for NA only. It's not locked in the rest of the world. The HK variant of the snapdragon S10 is also not locked. 


Android 11 rollout started back in September and the s10 has already been pushed through on various networks. Android 11 has already been pushed on S20 models as well. Telus yet again is late to the game with pushing through this software update. They were behind with UI 2.5 and are even farther behind with UI3.0. 


Android 11 isn't out for S10 for Bell or Rogers either. What information are you basing your expectations on?