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I’m using my track + to track my E-bike. My issue is charging, I have a USB port on my bike and wish to leave the tracker on the bike with charger attached. When I put it one for the first time the battery will charge fully, after a full charge the tracker will not charge again until it goes dead. When I supply it with power the app tells me it’s charging but it just holds at current charge never increasing. I wish to have the unit hidden so it’s not easily accessible. Anyone else experiencing charging issues? I’ve done all recommended resets and problem solving for Telus.

Community Manager
Community Manager

There is general troubleshooting for when the device is not charging:

  1. Are you using the original charger to charge the tracker?
  2. Verify the displayed LED colour. A charging tracker will display a solid yellow LED.
  3. Try a different outlet.
  • If nothing happens, charge the tracker for at least a minute, and see if the LED lights up yellow.
  • If the issue persists, visit the closest product care centre.


The big one here is most likely how it is charged. Are you using the actual e-bike to charge the device which may not be compatible? Before taking it to a product care centre you should call in and speak to tech support.