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Text to email not working the last few days?

Just Moved In

I use text to email all the time for reminders, but this week, my texts are no longer arriving. (Earlier in the week, I'd suddenly get an entire day's worth in a few minutes). (Android, Google Pixel sending to Yahoo. My "text email" is in my yahoo contacts, no spam blockers, etc)

My mother also has Telus cell and is experiencing the same issue (Android, Samsung sending to Telus email.)


My text-to-email for Outlook worked, but I can't see it being coincidence that at the same time two different phones are suddenly unable to email two different email hosts. Was some security setting possibly changed on Telus' side?



For me I have a notification system that's email to text over, which has worked most of the time. It can be flaky sometimes but i found it to eventually work out.

Try waiting a few hours, it can behave very funny sometimes.