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Phone not ringing on telus callback


Hoping someone can help here. I booked a callback from Telus yesterday so I can discuss my internet plan. I went to great effort to be available at the appointed time, since they don't do callbacks outside business hours. My phone did not ring once, however I did receive two voice mail messages from a Telus auto attendant asking if I wanted to connect. I tested my phone by calling it and it rang, so I'm confused why it didn't ring when Telus called. Also, no number showed up in my call log either. I get every type of spam call under the sun, but I can't receive a call from Telus apparently.


Any help is appreciated. My phone is a two year old Pixel Android on a non-Telus carrier.


Community Power User
Community Power User

I've encountered similar on my iPhone. The issue was I had blocked callers not in my contacts. There is a similar feature for Android. Possibly you have it enabled:


Only allow calls and texts from your phone contacts on Google Fi - Android - Google Fi Wireless Help

Just a long time customer hoping to help.


It's possible that one of your spam callers spoofed the TELUS number in the past and you have it blocked?