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Galaxy watch 5 LTE issue


It seems my GW5 "overheats" when making calls using the LTE function.




This happens anywhere between 1-3 minutes into a call. The watch is a GW5 pro and only a few months old. It has been in for repair (motherboard, battery and rear sensor replaced) but the issue remains.


Anyone else having similar issues or been able to resolve it?


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @mjwood I have heard Galaxy users having this issue but it was for the Galaxy 4 series.  The only thing I am aware is that they replaced it because of the warranty.  Are you on the latest upgrade on the watch? 


Same issue with the Galaxy 4 series smartwatches is present in the 5's.  It doesn't affect all smartwatches but those that it does.  Get it replaced under warranty as soon as possible.  


Sorry for the delay, I've been away on holidays.


Thanks for the feedback. I had come across mention of this issue too with the GW4 in areas of low signal and some GW5. 


I'll reach out to Telus about a replacement as the watch has been in for replacement and has already had it's motherboard, rear sensor and battery replaced. I can't imagine there would be anything else to fix. Since I'm under the 1 year mark, I'm hoping to get this resolved before the warranty expires.


Update - watch is being replaced with a Watch 6 Classic. Was hesitant to try another 5 Pro. Hoping the 6s do not suffer the same overheating problem... but have seen reports they do 😞