Webmail/Telus email is currently down.

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Webmail/Telus email is currently down.

Just a heads up - our webmail is down at the moment. The queues are very high. Please be patient! We are working on it! So sorry for the inconvenience!

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I work at a major University in Customer Support and IT, and I provide independent service to several businesses whose livelihood depends on Telus business e-mail. I find 2 things shocking:


1. That Telus did not at least post a banner on the website advising customers of this outage, informing them that the problem was being addressed, and apologizing for the incident. It didn't have to be long, but you can't hang users in the wind with no explanation. Making them phone customer service and wait for an hour to ask about it is nuts. Making customers look for an "Outage" page and have to sign into it just to be told there's a problem is pretty well like hiding the dirt under the carpet.


2. Rule #1 of ANY business is business-critical systems must be backed up with a secondary system. Yes, I know some things are impossible or prohibitive to back up, but hardware is not one of them. Especially when your business customers depend on it. This was a Boeing 747 Max size issue, and Telus pretended it didn't exist. Someone should be gone by day's end.

Ever heard of Peter Principle? I digress. Can sporadically send but does not receive.

Telus' outage page at www.telus.com/outages now estimates full recovery around 1:00PM. Of course, with perhaps over 2 million users between businesses and people trying to get back in and move messages, that may be complicated.

Hilarious you have to login to see the outages page.

Try this website:



Now that telus webmail is back up, i can log into my account, however, when i try to select/view certain e-mails, it logs me out of my accont, preventing me from reading them. Please fix this!

Worked briefly for me this morning. 

I have noticed a "This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources" warning on the Telus webmail site. Seems like it could be a problem??

Abbotsford...now I have the login page but it won't let me log in.  This has been since noon...guess I'm not in the "most customers" catagory !

Nice that you were able to receive email...

Telus has proven itself to be really good at dispensing empty apologies—too bad the same can’t be said about keeping their e-mail servers working, updating their customers, providing viable solutions for compensation/lost correspondence/etc.....

On one hand, they have the crocodile tears statement on a band over the page that comes up when the Web mail doesn't: "We are very sorry for the TELUS Webmail disruption. We take this issue very seriously and are workin...


When you click on the Outages page, regardless of the update time (12:15pm in this case) the update says every time "Most customers are now able to access their email accounts, which are once again fully operational."  Then they go on to discuss the small but chosen few who still don't have e-mail.


So on one hand, they acknowledge a big problem.  On the other hand, they downplay the big problem.  I wonder if they took the weekend off?


As far as I can tell, the only noticeable thing Telus has done over the past few days is to keep changing the title of this thread.

@canucks4life wrote:

Just received an Email regarding the Email outage lol




"and were able to restore service for the majority of customers overnight."


What a bunch of BS.

It's especially annoying since the "official company line" (at least on twitter) is that most Telus customers are now able to send/receive emails.  Guess I'm unlucky as I can't even get the telus webmail page to load up much less attempt to log in.

I'm in Surrey, BC and am now able to successfully connect to pop.telus.net:110, pop.telus.net:995, and smtp.telus.net:25. I tried sending several messages from 2 different accounts and 3 different devices. Only one message was delivered. Telus webmail allows me to log in, but it receives no mail and any mail sent with it just disappears without being delivered. smtp.telus.net:465 still doesn't work. No matter what method I use to retrieve emails, NO messages sent to me yesterday have arrived. In short, Telus email is NOT working properly yet.


Redundant systems, RAID storage systems, fail-over solutions, and data backup solutions have been around for a very long time, Telus. Even minor email service providers make use of them so as not to inflict Telus-calibre email service on their customers. Why have we been suffering email problems for a week already, culminating with a total collapse yesterday? You owe all of us a very public apology, a detailed explanation of how this situation came to be, exactly what we should be expecting in terms of lost email messages, and what will be done so that this never happens again. I suggest monetary compensation for all affected customers in an amount no less than one month's Telus Internet service fees (anything less will leave Telus thinking this was just a minor problem, which IT IS NOT).

Back in the day, TELUS servers used RAID 5 with a hot standby.  Meaning you had to lose 3 disks in that one RAID before you lost customer data.  As well, there were backup servers.  All customer backup data was stored off site, meaning in the event of a catastrophic failure, the backup media had to be brought in from elsewhere, the disk array's needed rebuilding, and then the data needed to be loaded onto the RAID arrays.  Did we ever have a need for a catastrophic failure recovery, YES, when the HP service tech blew away the raid configuration while trying to upgrade the microcode on the SCSI adapter, and all the customer data with it.  TELUS contracted out IT many years ago.  Software management is now done overseas, and hardware maintenance is done by the OEM.

33 hr outage and counting here in the lower mainland.

heh more BS as now the "official line" is 90% are able to receive/send emails.  Lying only aggravates people more.  

Lucky you because Alberta has been down since Wednesday.

@Knob wrote:

Lucky you because Alberta has been down since Wednesday.

I think that person only got that email because he was using a gmail account instead of a telus account.

You are correct sir...  I have had no Telus email service since yesterday morning at around 7:30 am but my Google gmail has been serving me non stop... here in sunny Langley BC

Where are they with a REAL statement???