Telus Boost Network Connection Dropping on iPhone XR and MacBook Pro


Telus Boost Network Connection Dropping on iPhone XR and MacBook Pro

Apologies if this is dealt with elsewhere, but my issue is a bit specific as outlined in the subject.


My setup:

T3200M Modem with a WCB3000 Extender connected via coax.  The WCB3000 is used to get the signal to my Optik Box

2.4G Wifi disabled on both T3200M and WCB3000.

5G Wifi active on on both T3200M and WCB3000.  Same SSID on both.  Use this network for my tenants downstairs.


Added Boost earlier this summer.  First booster is connected to T3200M, second is in the living room.  Great signal.  Great speeds.


Recently however, my iPhone XR and my MacBook Pro keep dropping off the Boost network,  I try to reconnect but am told the password is wrong (iPhone) or it just won't connect (MacBook).  She can share the PW with me from her phone, and then I can connect. My wife's iPhone 6 has no issues (nor her Windows based PC). 


If I reset the Boost station in the living room I can connect again for a short time, but then the problem re-appears.


I've tried switching the boosters with no affect.  


I am at the end of my technical knowledge.  Any ideas?


I’m not sure how to update.

Did this get resolved with the firmware? How did you get the new firmware?

I haven't been able to my Boosters to upgrade to the new firmware. Perhaps I will have to call Telus and see if they have a way to push the new firmware to my Boosters.

My boosters have this update and its all still no good. I get asked to enter my wifi password on Macbook Pro and iPhone XR every day. Telus has no answers for me. Time to switch providers?

Same issue - Apple devices 'forget' the password on Boosts... Interestingly, not all at once. You can move to another corner of the house (where another Boost is working) and connect fine.


So the workaround I have right now:

  • T3200M is on a daily reboot schedule - I needed this before the Boosts came into the picture anyway, as the wifi sometimes gets flaky midway through the day. This is still true.
  • T3200M SSIDs are both (2.4, 5) hidden, and Smart Steering is off. Need this for older IoT devices, and for a backup when the main (Boost) wifi fails.  It's often better, but as I said, can be flaky too.
  • 2 of my 4 Boosts (I blame the ductwork in the house for the dead zones) are now on daily reboots (cheap mechanical timers).  We'll see if the others eventually need them too.


It's far from perfect, and numerous tech visits didn't help - they seem really resistant to replacing the T3200M. Each time they come by, they reset it, and "prove" to me that its behaving fine. Whatevs.

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Yes, you can leave whichever devices you wish on the T3200M router.

You could also add the other devices to the mesh network over time; just choose an easy to enter password to make it easier.

I recommend hardwiring as many devices as possible, as it builds a more reliable network.


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I totally agree - it's in the switching. 


Wow I thought I was the only one having this issues. Only happens with my iPhone XS and iPhone 11Pro, and Macbook Pro in our house. Any other device works normal. As others have mentioned the only fix is quickly unplugging one of the boosts(The main one) and that fixes the issue. 


Someone mentioned in here that Factory resetting the TELUS boost worked? I haven't tried that yet, but I may have to. 

I read somewhere that deleting your Wi-Fi and removing it from Apple Keychain, or turning off Keychain on the Laptop for a bit might help too. 

My next step is a Factory reset of the Boost. 


iPhone XR as well, most of my other Apple Devices seem to work ok. Intermittent - I'll look at my phone and see that it's off the wifi. Grrrrr.  Often asks to enter password and it won't accept. Of course, I do the usual steps (forget network, airplane mode, soft reset, forget network settings) but usually rebooting the router works. 

3 Wired (+ one wireless) booster with SSID separate from the router. In fact, router has hidden SSID for some of my 2.4 older devices that had couldn't stay on the Booster network (eg Nest Camera, Wemo, etc)  and 5 Ghz turned off.

I think it has something to do with the boosters as I move around the house something likely  glitches out.

Not sure if this is an Apple problem or Telus problem since it primarily (but not always) seems to happen on my XR.



After factory resetting my 4 boosters, wifi have been solid on all our devices for 4 days  ... (fingers crossed)

Still good after Factory resetting Boost?

Yes, no issues since the reset.

Telus recommends that the boost have their own unique ssid. 

I've done that.  Boost is one name, and the 5G from the router is another.

Hi, I'm having this exact same issue. Did you manage to fix it? It only seems to happen on some Apple devices. I have no problems with connecting on my android phone, but my macbook and sister's iphone keeps getting disconnected.

I have the same issue. The boost network worked fine for a bit, now my MacBook drops from the network and can't stay connected.

I'll update after I call tech support.

Any luck??

So, I called Telus numerous time over the last month to try to resolve the issues. They sent a technician over twice. Each time they were able to configure the network in a different way and solve the problem temporarily, but this wasn't any better than what I could achieve on my on by resetting the boosts each time they went wonky. The thing is, I don't want to have to reset my network every few days. Before I got the boosts the network worked fine. Boost was supposed to make it great, but it did the opposite. So, the boosts are back in the box and headed for Telus. I'll wait for the next gen before trying again.


I glad someone else is have the same problems as me. I have a Macbook Pro that will not stay connected to the Boost, but it is just not the Macbook Pro. I have numerous devices that will not stay connected. 2.4 and 5 G devices and it is starting to become a PIA to go around the house and have to re-set up all of the devices. At the time of this typing, I have over 40 devices connected to my system. Wemos, Alexa, Nest and numerous other "smart" devices plus the usual tablets, phones, TVs, Optik boxes, laptops and computers. All of these devices fail to stay connected. Some are outside and at this time of the year, going out side to re-set up the device is a bit chilly.


I installed Wifi Analyzer on my phone and one can watch the Wifi signal for both the Boost and the Router drop regularly. Numerous times in a 5 minute span.


Telus techs have replaced the Router twice in the past 9 months, last one 6 to 8 weeks ago. I've only had the Boost for about 6 months and can't say it has been worth the purchase. I'm actually on the 3rd to 4th Router since I purchased the Fibre Optic system.


What I would like to know, is if the Modem is no working properly, does this affect the rest of the network? The very first time the Technician replaced the Router, he advised that if it still had problems, then the Modem should be replaced. Yet, every Technician that comes to the house replaces the Router and of course all works great after they leave. They tell me there is nothing wrong with the Modem.