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Severe billing issue/wrongful activity

Just Moved In
I am here to bring attention to a major billing issue/lack of follow through from all agents that I am experience with Telus home and security.
Since October 2023, I have been overcharged every month for my bill. Numerous calls each month assure me that I am, indeed correct, and the issue will be fixed in the next billing cycle; it’s not. I have been given credits, apologies and excuses as to why my bill is always higher than agreed upon. I call consistently (and am on the phone for hours) and am always promised, assured etc. that Telus will fix this issue! I want others to be aware of their billing amounts so that it doesn’t happen to others as well! Has this happened to anyone else?!
Perhaps Telus may read this and have someone who can actually rectify what I am beginning to suspect as fraudulent activity

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for your patience with this!


I have had this SAME thing happen to me! Finally I just gave up and let me bill run up to where it was going to get shut off... the aholes STILL didn't call!!!!! Just sent out an automated message saying that I'll be cut off and to avoid disconnect charges I had to pay it... what aholes! Telus used to be a Canadian company, their customer service was Canadian people and when you called you never waited more than 20 minutes or so... at the time we thought that was even ridiculous... how wrong we were!!! This new telus is complete garbage. I have chat transcripts asking loyalty to call me... no call back for MONTHS after I waited on hold for over 3 hours the last time, hours on hold before that... Eff telus is what I'm thinking after 30 years 😐
Good luck getting these idiots to look after you, I don't think they're smart enough.

I may have lucked out this time. I did get an email and then call almost right away to help me solve this issue. I actually had a pleasant experience with Telus for the first time in a long time. I’m hoping that this time their word holds up and everything is solved! Good luck to you as well!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, I'll send you a private message to discuss further.