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Contacting Telus

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How do I contact telus customer support without talking to the bot or waiting on hold for >1 hour during business hours? I am a full time working physician, I will never have time during business hours to wait >1hr. The is no longer operational, and the chat bot cannot understand questions. Im a Canadian customer, and my issue is that I keep getting charged for US roaming every time I go home to visit my family who live in a border town in Canada (it picks up the signal across Lake Huron). This happens despite my having roaming turned off. I have called and got charges reversed in the past, but have to wait for >1hr each time. This is not a sustainable solution as this happens every time I visit home. And I feel there is just no mechanism for me to even communicate this issue. I feel at a loss, hence my coming to this discussion board. I am very close to switching providers. If someone from Telus could please reach out with a sustainable solution it would be very much appreciated.



@bhumm01 Wrote: If someone from Telus could please reach out with a sustainable solution it would be very much appreciated.


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I do not represent TELUS in any way, however, my best suggestion maybe to private message a couple of the community managers @dru, @A-B @Dimo-X  for example here on the forums to assist. One of them may be able to assist, or point you in the correct direction.


I had a similar problem here on the Westcoast, eventually had it corrected, and all's good now. It did take time for Telus to correct my problem, again had something to do with roaming settings..


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One solution is to go to the carrier settings on your phone, and change the network selection from 'Automatic'. In the list which populates, choose 'Telus'. This will prevent the phone from connecting to other networks. Just remember, if you travel, and want to connect to international carriers, you will need to switch it back.


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As mentioned by DrPacman & NFtoBC, changing your device's roaming settings can often resolve these issues. There's also an article at you can leverage for step-by-step instructions on how to go about doing so. 🙂 

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@bhumm01, I'll add that I applied the answers mentioned by @NFtoBC, and @Dimo-X and my Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G was still periodically connecting to US towers when near the border. 


I was told by the TELUS loyalty department manager that even though most phones can be set to a manual network selection, the latest models tend to override that setting, trying to get you the best signal possible.  Because of that, the loyalty department was hesitant to continue reversing the charges. 


They did offer a good deal on an upgrade to a US-Canada plan and since I also travel to the US periodically for a few bucks more per month, I took the deal.  I suggest that you request an upgrade for the same price as you're paying today because it will save you and TELUS time and money on these credit requests.

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