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Resolved! Telegram Interview?

I have recently been applying to many jobs and I came across one from Telus for a Remote Administrative Assistant position. Since I applied to so many I didn't keep track of the job posting. I got contacted by a [email protected] with a reques...

Zohair by Neighbour
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Business connect nightmare

I have 3 VOIP Polycom phones 2 line.They have been working good for 2 years but 2 months ago 1 phone went down and i got it replaced.Then the nightmare started. For 2 months out of 3 phones only one rings when customers call.I have spent hours with s...

shark009 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! possible scam

Thank you in advance for your answer I want to know if TELUS, the company "" belongs to them, they are using the face of CEO Darrent Entwistle, and I need your help. I want to avoid any kind of international lawsuit. José Espinoza ...

Resolved! Graffiti removal

Hello, Is there any updated information on who to contact for graffiti removal on telus utility boxes? This is ours

edendev by Neighbour
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Resolved! Connection Rejected when trying to send an email to [email protected]

Hello I'm writing this question about a problem we have in our business with some employes customer at Telus. I'm working in IT, and I have configured our servers to send alert in the form of email to sms (sms gateway). In case of a problem, our serv...

Beware Telus Business Call - Scam

This past Wednesday, I was contacted by an individual claiming to represent Telus Business Solutions, Mr. John Paul out of the Philippines. He claimed to be offering me 2 cell plans (which I currently pay $85/mo) for $40/mo and a smart hub (which I c...

On ADSL requested Fiber for my business

Hello I recently acquired telus services ADSL and my business requires much more bandwidth then I currently getting but for some reason SHAW refuses to service this location which was a option for me before. I am in the UNION BAY, BC area and was tol...

Fiber in our building

Hi,We are a small indigenous non-profit in the Vancouver DTES and currently have the fastest Telus can give us, which is 50 Mbps down and 4 Mbps up. This is not sufficient for our needs in moving to VoIP and more cloud work. We did contact Telus and ...