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Text messaging

I have unlimited nation wide voice and text messaging.How could I place one text message to my relations in Sweden and what would the cost be. Or is this not possible

Regular Internet outages when using bypassing Telus router

Just wanted to get something on the forum that might be a benefit to others running into the situation I've run into with a number of Telus business and home clients. The problem occurs when you want to bypass the ActionTec router that Telus provides...

rf94z by Organizer
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Security Bundle rebate rip off

About a month ago a Telus representative came into my store offering the Telus security bundle. Get my 2 lan lines, business internet and security system at a better price than everything separate. Only catch is I have a contract with another securit...

Prohab by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Delete emails that have large attachments

Hello,My account box is nearly full.I wish to delete emails that have large attachments.I can view the attachments, sort by size -OK I'll select the attachment with its email, click the "show email" button.Nothing is displayed. I thought that option ...

conference calls

How do I setup a conference call with my board members so we can conduct a board meeting. Send the procedure to my email Thank You Wally Saunders

Wally1 by Just Moved In
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Problems activating Pixel 4xl eSIM

Hi,Telus has been problems activating eSIMs on Pixel 4xl for EPP/corporate accounts since January 22 or so. There is an open service ticket #9566548. So they expect me to call in from time to time to check. I'm likely going to change to Rogers next w...

PG1 by Organizer
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Telus not working abroad

We have Telus email and we use it (pop) on our cell phone and our laptop with outlook. Everytime we go abroad, and are on hotel wifi, we cannot send emails anymore. We HAVE to login to telus Webmail (which is hell, excuse my language). I tried using ...

Jetje by Helpful Neighbour
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local calling area explained for business phone service

Hi, I am on Strata Council for a 39 unit building in Vancouver. We are upgrading our intercom and working with TELUS business solutions section. There is a lot of confusion about local calling area and what this means. We have people who have want to...

thomqui by Neighbour
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I need to change my ASN number on my telus internet connection.

I work at a college. we get one of our internet feeds from telus. We are a AS of our own and connect to telus as BGP peers. We need to change the AS number to a new one. I called the number on the Telus edge device but the help desk said they coun't ...