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Beware Telus Business Call - Scam

This past Wednesday, I was contacted by an individual claiming to represent Telus Business Solutions, Mr. John Paul out of the Philippines. He claimed to be offering me 2 cell plans (which I currently pay $85/mo) for $40/mo and a smart hub (which I c...

On ADSL requested Fiber for my business

Hello I recently acquired telus services ADSL and my business requires much more bandwidth then I currently getting but for some reason SHAW refuses to service this location which was a option for me before. I am in the UNION BAY, BC area and was tol...

Fiber in our building

Hi,We are a small indigenous non-profit in the Vancouver DTES and currently have the fastest Telus can give us, which is 50 Mbps down and 4 Mbps up. This is not sufficient for our needs in moving to VoIP and more cloud work. We did contact Telus and ...

Resolved! How to contact Telus re: billing issue for Business Mobility

Is there a way to reach support at Telus without devoting the better part of a work day to the process?Their automated chat is useless. Although it suggested I could open an incident through myTelus, that feature is simply not available. As a support...

NancyM by Friendly Neighbour
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Tour of a facility or virtual guest speakers from Telus

Hi Telus, I'm a teacher in the TDSB at a high school located in Scarborough.Who would I contact or who can you connect me with if I'm hoping to organize a facility tour of your Scarborough (Toronto) Head Office location?My hope would be that we could...

unwelcome advertising phone calls from Telus

I've been receiving repeated phone calls to my office number, from a Telus worker eager to inform me about some kind of offer or deal regarding my office phone or internet plan. I'm a very busy professional, my phone is intended for my clinical work....

GK1628 by Neighbour
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Online Payment With Debit VIsa Card

We have tried to use our Debit Visa card for online payment and it does not work. Is this feature going to be added? And or why don't you have a PayPal payment as an option either as an alternative. Thank You

Telus outgoing SMTP server for business

i m really confused we switched to TELUS business from another provider............we used telus in the past but now its really messed up how do we register our statics/MAC? what happened to the OCA? do we have to call over seas each time to register...