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Fibre Optik Failure??

It's been two days and tech support can't do anything. Apparently it won't be fixed for at least a week. The only tech in the area is on vacation and in the meantime, we can't take credit cards or debit cards during a pandemic. Ummm ... WHAT the heck...

badkaren by Neighbour
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Telus Fiber

Hi! Is it really hard to get fiber internet ready for my office? I have been offered a deal fiber internet on Aug 28th. Technician came for the wiring Sep 9th. Now no one has contacted me for the next step and the same sales person from telus is now ...

Mike987 by Just Moved In
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Wireless printing in the office

As of yesterday, none of our HP printers in the office can scan documents to email.Keep getting messages that state "Server Failure".Any clues as to what is going on?I have my printers configured to use the server and port 25.I've also...

HenryZ by Neighbour
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Outgoing Name Display

My mother has a business account for her numbered company. She operates with a business name. We have struggled with Telus for seven weeks to have them change the Outgoing Name Display to match the business name on our landline. Telus has bounced us ...

DanB by Just Moved In
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Has anyone tried Business Connect?

Greetings, We're in the process of implementing Microsoft Dynamics, and I've noticed that Business Connect allows Dynamics to connect to the cloud service. Has anyone tried this? Does it really work? Thanks,Shane,

Shane by Leader
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Managed Business Internet capped at 200 meg?

We have 200 meg fibre - not GPON but the real deal over 2 strands direct to the CO with a dialup modem for OOB management. It looks like 200/200 is ...

Caller ID Box

Greetings, I'm looking for a piece of equipment that can capture the caller ID and send it to a Windows-based computer. Does someone know of something like this, or a more appropriate forum? Shane.

Shane by Leader
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We are sorry, but you do not have access to...

Ever since merging with Google with our business accounts I have slowly lost access to free Google Services. Clients can no longer send us any Google Document links since I no longer have access to Google Documents. Today, I lost access to Google Map...

minmanw by Neighbour
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