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SmartHome Security FAQ

Here's a handy list of FAQ's that we've seen here and across our social media channels. As always, if you can't find your answer here, you can always post here in the SmartHome Security forum to ask the community! What can I do if I'm experiencing te...

A-B by Community Manager
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Home Security contract

we have TV, Internet and home security bundled with a 2-year contract. Now, we still have 16 months left. Unfortunately, we will be moving to a place where we cannot install the home security. Is there any way that I can cancel the home security only...

Ding1 by Just Moved In
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Home Security

Can home security work even without the internet? Is it possible for a 1 customer account that has a bundled TV, Internet and home security to have a separate address? for example, the internet setup is in Address1 while Home security is in Address 2...

Ding1 by Just Moved In
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Call Centre cannot help with repair appointments

I am on the Gulf Islands and since Telus bought Price Alarms I can no longer speak with a person in the area. I have to call the generic call centre and wait on hold for over an hour. Once someone picks up it takes them another 30 minutes to look up ...

Smart home app notifications fail

Using the Telus Smart Home app on Galaxy S23 with One UI 6.1 The app does not consistently deliver notifications as selected in the app settings. The notifications work immediately after making a change in settings but then stop later the same day or...

qwerty987 by Just Moved In
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Smart Home Cancellation

Hi,if you can't service QC customers don't sell your products in QC. I have spent 2 hours dealing with your incompetent technical support to fix the home security system. Since you couldn't fix it, to get a technician I was being asked to pay for it....

npur by Just Moved In
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Wifi garage door opener stopped working

Recently had Telus Home Security installed and it included a wifi garage door opener. Everything was working fine until 7 days after the install the wifi garage door opener stopped working. Now when you use the mobile app or the panel to operate the ...

Booker by Friendly Neighbour
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Skybell camera unable to stream

Every time i try to start video, i get a message "There was a problem connecting to the doorbell. Please try again" I've tried to restart my router. I've also tried to reset my doorbell camera. I still get the message.The Camera works because wheneve...

Jojo43 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! SmartHome App Apple Watch

Upgraded to Series 9 Apple Watch. Telus SmartHome app works on the watch except when trying to access thermostat settings. When trying to access heat, schedule or fan settings the app crashes and returns to watch face. Have tried resetting Apple Watc...

SteveBH by Neighbour
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Doorbell camera doesnt work at night

My telus doorbell camera records all day, but never at night, even when I know there had been activity in my front yard, directly in front of the camera. Any ideas? I have played with all the settings.

Stacky33 by Just Moved In
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