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SmartHome Security FAQ

Here's a handy list of FAQ's that we've seen here and across our social media channels. As always, if you can't find your answer here, you can always post here in the SmartHome Security forum to ask the community! What can I do if I'm experiencing te...

A-B by Community Manager
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Motion sensor replacement

I’m trying to help my next door neighbour. She is in her 90s and cant deal with your service people in the Philippines. She got a low battery message on a motion sensor. I had previously changed a battery on a door sensor. After changing the battery ...

Discrepancy in Billing

Hi Everyone,We recently installed the Telus Smart home security system. The rep told monthly price would be around $50 plus tax but I am being charged for the equipment on telus easy payment. Telus rep mentioned the equipment fee will be waived off f...

vi by Just Moved In
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Telus security Cancelation

I am having an extremely difficult time with this Telus security contract. I have been in the agreement for 3 of the 5 years and have now been made aware I have to leave the country. I called and spoke to a representative who basically told me it wou...

DuncanW by Just Moved In
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24/7 support does not exist

Trying to get my account number and there is no one on the 24/7 support number. Call back won't be for 11 hrs. Yet I get sales calls constantly. I received nothing with my account number. No shipping notifications and nothing in my welcome email. I c...

Terrymeg by Neighbour
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Resolved! Norton 360 PIN invalid

First of all, I had no issues with my PIN initially installing it onto my primary computer at home; however, I am now using my laptop and had decided to install "Uncle Norton" to make use of the 1 of 2 devices that can be installed. Upon installation...

tal1211 by Just Moved In
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Horrible Service and Overcharge you

Really disappointed with the service and they overcharge you for everything. I was paying them $55 for home security and never got half the equipment and half didnt even work properly. When I got the services they said I can cancel anytime and now wh...

h_nawaz17 by Just Moved In
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Stop email notifications everytime someone walks past my house

I recently changed my email address in my Telus SmartHome app. I only have my email listed for critical alerts and outages in my notification settings. But I’m still getting 40+ emails a day for every type of alert. It’s driving me crazy and I’m clos...

JillH by Just Moved In
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Sensor Sync Issue

Sensors are all going offline and stuck in synchronizing state. Rebooting wifi booster seems to fix temporarily but it keeps coming back. First call to support yesterday was no help, 2 hour call to end with will call you back which never happened. It...

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Broken Pedestal box

Hi, I live in [Mod Edit: Removed personal info] Calgary. One pedestal box in front of my home has been broken for long time. Could you please fix it? Because it seems very dangerous.