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Got Call from Telus (866) 558-2273

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Got a call from this number (866) 558-2273 about the promotion for my company's employee that I asked in the email not more than a week ago. Asked a lot of questions like my DOB, driver license expire date, and wanted to check my credit score. I stopped at a certain point because I felt I told him too many info.

Anyone knows if this is number is from telus?


Just Moved In

After the call end I also received an email from [email protected]

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @cpxu ,

Yes the phone number & email are from TELUS.

Great job at being proactive in protecting your personal information!


I suggest calling the number back, tell the automated system the reason for your call "Please transfer me to EPP Care".  EPP Care is the only department than can assist you with your specific request.

Here is some further information if your interested.

The phone number (866) 558-2273 is a valid number, and is shown on the official website.  However, fraudsters can still use something called "phone number spoofing". Spoofing is when a fraudster hides their real number, and makes your caller ID display a different number (like an official TELUS number). The only way you can trust a company number is if you call it yourself. So in your situation where you felt uncomfortable sharing personal information, you can always call that number back, and know you are speaking to the official TELUS. 


The email [email protected] is using the trusted domain ("). Sending emails to this address is safe.

Fraudulent Emails will look similar to this:



[email protected] (notice the domain completely different)
[email protected] (notice the ".net" instead of ".com")
[email protected] (notice the "1" instead of an "i")




Regarding personal information & credit checks

Asking for ID such as Drivers License, Date of Birth, Credit Card, SIN is essential when activating a new account, and or verifying the account before making a sensitive change. Asking for ID is especially important if the change can affect your credit. Refer to: for more details about valid types of identification.


Fraudsters can be sneaky with what information they can obtain, so we make sure to ask for information they are less likely to have to ensure we are speaking to the real you. With that being said, still use caution with releasing your personal information when answering a phone call (which could be spoofed). Instead, I personally recommend calling the official number shown on the official website. Alternatively you could visit a TELUS/Koodo store near you. 


I hope that helps 🙂