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Resolved! How to enter text when no keyboard show up?

I have a Pik tv box from Telus. I recently moved and trying to setup on my new wifi and it asks for the password but no keyboard comes up and there is no way to actually enter the internet password. Has this happened to anyone else? Suggestions? Than...

Resolved! Bonus offer included?

I changed one of my five channels in Pik and there was an option to select 'Bonus offer included' for no money. But there are no pictures or explanation. Anyone know what this is? Cheers and stay safe!

Resolved! Missing Episodes On Demand

What happened to the latest season of it's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 15. They were available a week ago but no longer anywhere.

Resolved! Satellite remote

How do I order a new remote for my satellite receiver

tvroberts by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Constant "freezing" when watching sports

I am using Pik Tv, have the Sports addition package. My TV is hard wired directly to the modem. I have fibre or whatever the top package is called. Even with all other devices in the house disconnect from wife or turned off, sports shows mostly (but ...

Resolved! Missing episodes in On Demand

Hightown season 2 episode 1 seems to be missing. Please advise

LH1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Accessing Pik TV

Is there any way to access Pik TV on a new Samsung Smart TV without buying a Apple TV or Google or Pik TV hub?

Melody2 by Just Moved In
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