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Black screen on iPhone

Anyone else having this issue? On Pik TV app version 2.2.0 (latest) for iPhone, I can see the channel guide, and I can hear the audio, but the video stays black. (I’m using iPhone XR)


I need to get a new remote for my Pik tv

DustinH by Just Moved In
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Chromecast is overriding PIK TV signal. need to push pik tv button on remote to return to tv feed but this only works for a minute or so before Chromecast overrides the signal again. this is a new problem as I have been a PIK tv subscriber for 6 mont...

rb3 by Just Moved In
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error codes

I have error code 1-44-102 in trying to get adobe to work on my computer, what does it mean and how do I fix it.

johnb45 by Just Moved In
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Login Issues

I am having to login to my Telus supplied Pik Box every 2-3 days. What is worse is that while entering the password, I get timed out, and when this happens 5 times, I get locked out. Is there something I'm missing?

Pik tv video freezing

Watching via app or using pik media box, video freezes, buffers or goes completely black. Audio does not cut out unless buffering. Wi-Fi is fine as I can watch Netflix or use internet without issue. I have to completely shut down (power off etc) in o...

Littlemac by Just Moved In
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PIK TV Blank Screen and slow response time

I notice that from time to time the video goes black on the piktv, however the audio still works. also the guide on the app is slow. the only way i can fix this is by resetting the entire system every time this happens. is there an alternate fix for ...

Adding/Removing Channels

Hi, I was wondering if I am adding/removing channels properly. When I change my channels it asks me about hardware and then when I submit I get an email saying "Thank you for switching to Telus PureFibre" and includes an order summary of my internet ...

Echoes by Just Moved In
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Can you use PIik TV immediately?

I just recently purchased Pik TV and was wanting to know if you supposed to be able to acccess it immediately as when i try to log into it on any device via phone or computer it wont let me and wont work, can anyone help?

Shawna1 by Just Moved In
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