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what STB to use for Pik TV?


I have been using Optik TV for almost 10 years , recently got the fibre connection and it works pretty good.


My friend has recently started a new contract with Telus for internet and Pik TV.  Connection is VDSL in his area but fibre might be available within a year or 2.  He just watches Pik TV channels on his smartphone, but has a good non-smart Sony LED TV, 1080P, about 10 years old, now unused.


I think a good STB for him would be an Apple TV 4K 32GB, and it would be a big improvement to watch TV on a good TV as compared to a cellphone.  However these are around $229 (less $70 today on final day of Black Friday sale).  Are there any Android boxes that are much cheaper and work reliably for Pik?  He is a techno-klutz so I think Android might be too complex for him.  He has an Android phone and is able to use it, with frequent hassles.  Even worse hassles with his Android tablet!


I looked through the suggested Android boxes described elsewhere at and most seem to have similar prices to the Apple TV.  Is the Telus-branded Pik TV box still available?


Community Power User
Community Power User

I have all the streaming devices. The android tv powered devices are my go to ones. Apple TV UI and especially the remote I’m not a fan of..


Top of the line android tv device is an Nvidia shield. More budget friendly is chromecast with android tv or a Amazon firestick 4K max or firestick 4K.


if you don’t mind some annoyance of Amazon skinned android tv, I would get the new Amazon 4K max (faster then their other two sticks and also supports Wi-Fi 6) or the chromecast with google tv. Both run without issue. 


Thanks for the reply WestCoasterBC.  I will suggest my friend consider the "Google Chromecast with Google TV", the price is right at only $70.  It could fit well for him as he has an Android phone and he could cast photos from phone to TV.


I have an Apple TV box on order for myself (Apple user) and when it arrives we could try out the Pic TV app on that too.


Can a person with a Pik TV STB of some kind (and Pik account) use it anywhere that has an internet connection (such as hotels or friends houses) or does it have to be used at the Pik account holders residence?

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Community Power User

Certain channels will only be available when connected to the Pik subscriber's home Telus DSL or fibre connection. I've never tried taking the Pik box to a hotel or friend's house. Less hassle to just watch on my phone or tablet.


If you did use the Pik box on a connection other than the subscriber's home connection, data will be used. On the home connection the TV data is not counted. Viewing on phone or tablet will also count towards data use whether wifi or cellular.

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