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Resolved! how do you use the CTV app with the PIK box

First off new upgrade is terrible. Nothing but trouble since it rolled outConstantly resetting box helps sometimesCan we use the CTV app with the PIK box?When I try to login in just keeps taking me to Optik Login. But i dont have OptikIs there a diff...

CRL by Just Moved In
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Anyone else losing channels now since this new update???

Since this new update I have been dropping 4 channels ... 115,119,121, and 125 , saying I need to have a pik tv account and to login altho all other channels are working... this happens every 2nd or 3rd day ..I have been calling support (2hrs the fir...

outlooker7 by Helpful Neighbour
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Pik TV won't play CHEK TV channel 121

Why is Pik TV telling me it can only play CHEK TV channel 121 if I'm connected to my Telus home wifi neetwork while I AM connected to my Telus home wifi network?

Piky by Neighbour
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Glitchy chrome cast

When I cast Amazon’s prime app to the pik tv’s chrome cast. It spends an unwatchable amount of time pausing to buffer or load. Anyone else have this issue?

Dane by Just Moved In
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Home internet error message

HelloI just got my Pik TV box yesterday, and the only issue I can see (although a big one!) is that several channels have a house icon with a slash through it and I can not view these channels. I get the error message stated in my subject line.I am c...

Pik TV in the browser - when will it move away from Flash?

Adobe Flash is as good as dead. Major browsers are all on board with complete disablement of Flash come Flash’s End of Life and End of Support date in December.Is Pik TV going to retool under a modern web standard for streaming in a browser? Or are y...

AaronY by Just Moved In
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Can't login to PikTV

Trouble logging in on my AppleTV 4th gen.I enter my account and password and all I get is perpetual loading symbol.AppleTV is hardwired to ethernet and internet is active. Software is up to date.I have uninstalled and reinstalled App to no effect.Any...

pudge373 by Just Moved In
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Stations on PikTV home screen

Can these be changed? It displays channels I have no access to, and I would rather it show my favourite channels.

Ewan by Connector
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