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PIK TV Concurrent Streams NOT automatically logging out on Apple TVs

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I am using PIK TV on up to 4 Apple TV boxes in my home.  We are never ever utilizing more than 2 streams at a time and 90% of the time we are using only 1 stream.  HOWEVER, the PROBLEM is that the PIK TV APP does not seem to realize I have closed the PIK TV to move from one location to the next forcing me to return to the last location (or locations) I was in and specifically logging out of the TV Provider login in the Apple TV Settings.  Super annoying.  Can this not be fixed or alternatively allow me to purchase another 2 streams??? Yep, I am even willing to purchase a more expensive package that allows extra streams to fix the Telus issue at MY EXPENSE even though I am probably using only a single stream!!!  Is that is not the definition of an AWESOME customer (mildly idiotic, yes)  who is willing to pay for the Telus programming inadequacy?  The alternative is that I drop the service due to this arduous requirement for me to log in / out  .  Perhaps this sounds silly to some, but my other locations are in a rec room basement and an outdoor office building so the effort involved is just plain annoying. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

PikTV is really meant for a single streaming location with the opportunity to view while mobile on a phone or tablet. For watching in multiple locations, Telus would claim their Optik TV product is designed for that purpose. Based on the information contained in those links, I doubt Telus will increase the number of concurrent streams, or change the logout process.


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