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So new version (TELUSTV-21T) end of Feb 2024 - what has changed?


So users were promised a big system update the end of Feb 2024... But what has actually changed?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Keep an eye out at our pinned thread for ongoing feature updates here !

Okay, thanks. I'm waiting...

Nothing... They didn't even update the picture quality like @Optic_Kate said. Frustrating, back to using the TSN/Sportsnet app. What a joke for a cable service.

@Optic-Kate Any idea what's taking so long? This is the most frustrating thing when the Sportsnet app has better quality than a cable service. How this even allowed, you guys mentioned there would be improvements in this February update but nothing??

Well, we are 2 weeks past the update and have yet to see anything posted under the "Features and Updates" post. Nice to keep users in the 'loop' 😆. There must be so much to report; that's why it's taking so long. 🤣

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @MrSL 


@Optik-Kate did update the post here: with the latest from the last app releases. TELUS operates on the same fiscal and calendar year, so Q1 2024 represents January to March. Items included in the late February update included:


  • Guide filter selection such as “my favourite channel” remains after turning the TV off and on
  • Search results are now expanded to include third-party streaming apps availability in the program detail page
  • Optimized search functionality via content type and cast member names
  • Default focus on home - requiring only one click of the “back” button to return to the last watched stream
  • User experience and design improvement on Apple TV and iOS

The first bullet of recording improvements for series was from earlier in the year, and another one delivered but not listed was Picture-in-picture in the guide for devices running Android TV 12.


Some items are harder to deliver than others; search results and deep-links from 3rd party streaming apps is a great example. Working with Netflix, Disney, Amazon and Google to deliver a feature takes some doing.


Kate and I are on the TV product development team, but we're not software developers (I'm sure you'd rather the devs focus on dev rather than replying to strangers on the internet). The Neighbourhood is one tool that we use to gather customer feedback and share it with our development teams. While the improvements may not come as quickly as we'd all like, the feedback loop DOES work. The 'favourites' default in the guide, recording improvements, 4K channels on Android TV etc. are examples of things that have been requested here.


More improvements to recordings functionality and improvements to video quality are top priorities for the team. Video quality improvements is a complex topic that will come in increments, as there are hundreds of channels and thousands of feeds across dozens of providers. As a simple reporter and relayer I don't have anything to share timing-wise as development timelines can change and testing is required, which often uncovers bugs that need squashing. We will continue to update the list when changes come.

Hi @KHR clear, concise and to the point as always... 👍


Fair comment, just thought there was going to be an update on the W.I.P. Q1. items as we were led to believe.


Yes, we ascertained you and @Optik-Kate are development team and not software developers. But you said "I'm sure you'd rather the devs focus on dev rather than replying to strangers on the internet" well than how are we (users) to know what is going on? There is no other avenue to view our concerns or find out what is being improved, modified or in the pipeline?


Edit (add): Let's not forget, you are an employee and paid for your time here. Unlike users who pay for a service, yet have to spend time here hoping for some kind of resolution or answer to an issue. Polar opposites...


If users didn't report issues, then what, no development? I would rather spend my time actually watching TV then having to report to some 'strangers' on the forum (internet) too.


Speaking to customer support is, well, once you actually get through, less than satisfactory. For me personally, 4 long conversations with various support teams of which 3 were going to call me back in 3-5 days to see how things were going. The last time I asked at least 4 times "you, are definitely going to call me back" when I was sent a new TELUSTV-21T box. Surprise - No call back. I had to call once I had been charged for an extra box on my monthly bill, lol.


I certainly can understand the complexity of what you (TELUS) are trying to achieve with TELUSTV-21T. But said it before, and say it again, it either should have never been released at this stage of development, or released as a Beta with testers, not paying customers to find & report all the bugs.


For me, at least, nothing is personal or meant as an attack on any individual employee and would like to think that is understood.


If we don't air our issues and problems here, then where should we go?


Contrary to what some may believe, I am often blowing the TELUS trumpet! Latest post I came across whilst logged in for this reply - praising TELUS, with accepted solution here:


I used to see SOLUTION.

Where is that now?

Yup,, me too. I saw the updated version but don't see anything different so I'm curious to see what "major updates" have been accomplished

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

If you're referring to the firmware update to help with general performance such as playback quality, that hasn't happened yet. 


The Feb update was a regular release, not sure why it's thought of as "a big system update". Our ideal release schedule is monthly, and the idea is to make incremental improvements with each release. That said, things do happen, and releases are sometimes delayed, that's just the nature of things.


You may find that some features pertain to you, such as New vs. Live badges, and some features you don't particularly care for, like fixing news series recordings or making the guide filter sticky. I would argue it doesn't mean nothing has changed if a release didn't include a feature you're looking for.  Rest assured that the features you're interested in is currently being worked on. 


Lastly, items like picture quality and recording improvement require heavy lifting on the backend, it will take many incremental releases to address the experiences. It may not be as fast as we'd like, but the team is aware of everything that's been flagged in the neighbourhood, and they are working on improving the experience one release at a time! 


@Optik-Kate @MrSL 

Kate I appreciate that you are the messenger and not the programmer. Not sure if any of the aTelus employees who post here are involved with more than reporting and relaying. 

We are Beta testers plain and simply. This place allows venting of disatisfaction so developers know what to be concerned with fixing if enough complain.


ETA: The censorship, by deleting entire posts works well, this is a Telus forum and not a public free speech one. 

Nailed it...


We need to stop finding loopholes in accessing Telus from outside of Canada. It is keeping the tech busy plugging them instead of fixing the issue with Telus TV