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Should I order OptikTV?

Friendly Neighbour

Hi there


I am trying to decide whether to order OptikTV or Roger's Ignite TV. I am a Telus internet subscriber so I would rather stay with Telus but am reading all these horror stories about how the new OptikTV device malfunctions, doesn't display SDR content accurately, etc. Can someone tell me if these problems have been fixed? A bit nervous signing up for a two year contract if my TV won't work as expected.


Many thanks.


Well,,, what I discovered the other day when I went to the Rogers Store (formerly the Shaw Store) in my local mall,, to compare what they had to offer in terms of possibly a better hardware platform or a better functioning integration, was that Rogers is also using the same Android TV hardware and software base. 😞😭.
The store I was at didn't have one in-stock or functioning, so I can't confirm if it was exactly the same model/version. But the clerk confirmed it was indeed an Android TV box.
Maybe Rogers did a much better job of developing a better functioning system than Telus,, dunno.
But everyone wants to bundle internet & TV, so you'll get a better price that way..... When I asked if I could get TV package only,,, it was $$$$.
I would see if Rogers has a forum (similar to this) and see if there are the same types of issues plaguing theirs too.
I have read from someone else on here about they use either the Apple TV or pure Android TV boxes and they seem to work properly.....🤔 I don't know as I've got neither of those to try myself.
But I sure would like to find something other than the OPTV version as it's terrible and no major improvements. I really miss my Blue Curve from Shaw 😞
Tough gamble but at least you've researched the OPTV and are full cognisant of the issues,, which is alot better than finding out after you've signed up.
BTW,,you can cancel within 10 days (or 2 weeks??) after getting your stuff if your not happy.
Good luck!

Actually, I could be wrong about the hardware 0latform being a Android TV ( that's what the Rogers rep told me it was)
In researching the Rogers forum and Reddit forums,, it appears that it's the Comcast-Xfinity Xi6/7 boxes,,, which is what I had when I left Shaw.
So,,,, without seeing it in action to confirm, if it is indeed the Xi6 hardware,, then I'd take that in a heartbeat over the OPTV Android box.
OR find another alternative eg: independent IPTV box and subscription package or RokuTV and your own subscriptions.

I agree RobG3987...I switched from Shaw/Rogers to the new Telus TV+ (Optik) system and fibre internet in March and regret it whole-heartedly. The Shaw Bluecurve/Rogers Ignite system is the one used by Comcast-Xfinity Xi One/Xi 6 and it is soooo far superior to anytthing Telus can offer it borders on rediculous. Everything on it is bettter....better color reproduction, better sound control, better program guide, better recording funcionality, better voice remote integration, etc, etc etc. Also, you'll have to reboot/unplug the box multiple times a day for it to work. And while Shaw/Rogers Ignite internet can't match Telus upload speeds, at least their modem reaches every part of the house without the need for wifi boosters. Not only that, but you'll find you'll have to call the Telus call centre every week to either ensure you get what you requested or to correct billing errors (and for some reason there's never any notes on the file about how many times you've had to call back to correct something and they won't send you and email detailing what you've talked to their customer service representatives about). Telus is eternally frustrating to deal with. 

Friendly Neighbour

Hi Rob -- thanks so much for the thoughtful reply. My mother recently received the new Ignite TV box (she was a Shaw Blue Curve customer) and has had no issues with it. She is not tech-savvy and finds it a breeze to use and gets a crystal clear picture with accurate colours. I guess I'm wondering if the Telus Android box is *that* bad across the board or whether the messages in this forum are just from the few customers who have had unfortunate experiences with buggy hardware. As I mentioned, I have Telus internet and would rather not deal with the hassle of cancellation processes and fees (although Rogers will give me bill credits to totally offset the cancellation fees). I also prefer Telus's synchronous upload/download speeds. That said, I want to be able to enjoy TV on my set-top box and not worry about using third-party hardware because the STB is unwatchable. If you or anyone else had any further thoughts, they would be much appreciated. Thanks again.

Hi @jackmcmad, we acknowledge there are lots of things within the service that require improvement, such as picture quality and certain user interfaces to make the navigation more user-friendly.


For picture quality specifically, it's dependent on the chipset vendor that we work with to allow for adaptive HDR. We've been pushing for adjustments for the past several months, and unfortunately, it's not something that is fast-moving. Personally, I watch a lot of on-demand content on my phone and Sony TV  via the TTV app; I don't have complaints about picture quality. However, I can understand why users are unhappy about live TV picture quality.


Depending on your preferences and expectations, I'd recommend you to visit a TELUS store and play around with the new set top box to see if the picture quality is at an acceptable level to you. While you are there you can also check out the interface to see if it's to your liking. A lot of customers coming from other services expect the interface to be the same, but in reality, we're our own service and the goal is not to copy-paste other services' experience. 


Another major feedback we've been receiving is around recording, specifically around series recording and its inability to, well...series record reliably. I'm not at all denying we have this issue. This is definitely something that we're working on fixing, but unfortunately, it's taking longer than we like.


To summarize and answer your private message, I can't provide you with a timeline for when these issues will be resolved, there are just too many factors involved, I can only assure you all the feedback has been passed onto our development team and we're actively working on improving the experience. 

Thanks for your comprehensive message, @Optik-Kate. I really appreciate your candour. Unfortunately I do not live near a Telus store. I would be using the Telus set-top box and not a third-party solution. Is the picture quality noticeably degraded on the set-top box? Has the HDR/SDR issue been fixed? I would really like to sign up with Telus but am a bit nervous about all the problems others have raised. I don't mind learning a new interface. I'm more concerned with not being able to watch TV (mostly sports and news) because of poor picture quality. Is this a problem all users experience or only a select few? Thanks again for your help.

Hey there - can you please confirm what you mean by “ For picture quality specifically, it's dependent on the chipset vendor that we work with to allow for adaptive HDR. We've been pushing for adjustments for the past several months, and unfortunately, it's not something that is fast-moving”

I recently borrowed a family members android box to compare to my legacy Optik and it is night and day difference in quality.


Hi @jackmcmad, well I switched from Shaw 6 months ago. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have changed. Telus internet, if you have fibre to your property, is outstanding! TV not so much, just my personal opinion... I watch mostly sports too. I'm referring to Telus TV+ using the STB with cloud recording.


Just a few issues you may or may not be aware of.

The TV guide does not show 'new or repeat'.

Series recordings are problematic, they may or may not work. It might just disappear overnight.

If you can set a series recording, it will only record that channel. Bad if you like sports that maybe switch between channels like a golf tournament.

You cannot set a series recording for the news channels. This maybe just be a time recording, i.e. you want to record Global News @ 6 p.m. daily, you can't.

There is no way to extend a recording past the guide listed time. No adding 5,15,30,90 minutes etc.The only option is to record the following program. Browsing thru all your set recordings to record the next program is ridiculous.

If you managed to set a series recording, it's deleted / removed when the current series ends.

The retention period for your recordings at this time is just 60 days before it's deleted.


I have listed just a few of the really basic feature flaws that I had no idea of when I signed up... The choice is yours. Good luck!




Excellent summary of the current shortcomings @MrSL.
I too echo the sentiments that knowing what I've experienced with the system shortcomings and technical issues that don't seem to get improved, I would have stayed with the Comcast Xi6/7 hardware from Shaw/Rogers. It is a clearly superior user functionality than OPTV is. I appreciate @Optic-Kate point that it's not intended to be copy paste functioning competitor,,, but let's be honest and realize the BASIC functions (especially around Series recordings and NEW vs Repeats lacking in the EPG) aren't even functioning! That should have been a minimal expectation from the get go before this platform was even released. Therefore, it can't be compared to a competitive platform as it doesn't even meet my minimal functioning expectations.
Yes, Telus Fibre speed is great,, but I don't honestly need such huge bandwidth to view my TV and surf online/stream if I have to be saddled with this inferior platform.
I managed quite fine with my Shaw 75 internet package and Xfinity Xi6 STB hardware for many years.

Friendly Neighbour

Thank you, both, for your help. Somewhat worryingly, I had a conversation with a Telus agent over chat where I said:


"5:32:45 p.m. Can you tell me if people are still reporting problems with the new Optik TV boxes? The Telus Forum has many, many users complaining that the new boxes don't display the TV picture correctly and have other bugs."


And the reply I got was:

"5:35:05 p.m. Oh there's actually no reports being sent at this moment regarding the TV


I don't know if the agent was deliberately misrepresenting the truth or sincerely had no idea that users have reported so many issues. In either case, not very promising. If I do go with Telus, I would want to ensure that their agents are up to speed on the problems with the new STB so that they could help me work through any issues. @Optik-Kate, can you weigh in on whether Telus agents are trained on the problems that are arising?

Oh,, that's a bad sign. Thankfully your much better informed and have done your research, which is very commendable.
If you've already signed up for Telus Internet, and your reluctant to cancel within the allocated period, then you might be limited in your options.
The outstanding system issues could be used to leverage a larger credit perhaps as an incentive to get you on board ??? Just a thought...

Friendly Neighbour

Thanks @RobG3987 -- that's a good point. Rogers has already offered me a generous bill credit which would more than cover the cancellation fees Telus would charge me for breaking my internet contract. With Rogers, my main issue is their internet's asymmetrical upload speeds. I've become used to my 1Gbps speeds with Telus! Although I don't know how much I would truly notice having "only" a 100Mbps upload speed with Rogers. Telus has offered me a fairly good deal on Optik TV. I only need the Basics + Ultimate Sports + News and they've offered that to me for a price that seems reasonable if I could actually watch live TV and record series without problems. But, of course, therein lies the rub. Can I actually do that or am I better off biting the bullet and heading over to Rogers with their slower internet but more reliable Xfinity TV boxes.

@jackmcmadif recording is what you (and most of us) rely on then you then I think the choice is obvious. You simply can't hope that Telus might fix this anytime soon. Ive been here 6 months and the only change I have see is a 15 day increase on recording retention to 60 days. I missed a good part of my LPGA recordings this weekend because it didn't add the additional 60 minutes automatically which was supposed to be for all live sports broadcasts as a work around till you can add recording time yourself. Maybe it wasn't live but without the guide to display new / repeat / live who knows. It's infuriating! I had the 1gb Shaw Blue Curve internet. Downloads averaged around 600mbps but upload only around 100 mbps. That wasn't an issue as I don't upload much, but if you do, then that's something to consider. I know what I would do 😏

In my 18+ years with Shaw, I had no issues with recordings, guide, no limit on recording retention etc etc.

Friendly Neighbour
Agree with @MrSL. There have have non significant improvements with the interface and it’s current state should be a free beta offering.

Can you check if speed is going to be an issue or not by testing things out on your Mom's ?
Obviously she will have internet as part of the bundle package.
Everyone's needs vary, but generally most don't have an issue with an asynchronous Internet connection.
I know what I would do.

Friendly Neighbour
@jackmcmad… do NOT do it.

I switched in June and am so frustrated. The interface is absolute garbage. The product they are offering, I would suggest is in a pre-launch beta state. Everyone using it right now should be getting it for free. I can believe I am actually paying for it. They say they are working on improvements but there hasn’t been any improvements in 4 months.

Telus should truly be embarrassed.

Friendly Neighbour
By the way, I was previously with Shaw and I felt their interface was good but, in hindsight, it was actually great.

Friendly Neighbour

Thanks @Troy8 -- that's helpful. I think I'll heed yours and others' advice.




If you haven't decided yet.... RUN AND NEVER LOOK BACK AT TELUS. The new box is complete POS that doesn't do what it is supposed to do. Dolby Atmos and surround sound only works on 4K channels and they have been promising for months to fix it. Cloud recordings are only held for 45 days which is useless. I literally just got off with tech support as all of our recordings and scheduled recordings disappeared (read the forum where other people have had the same issue). We lost over 200 recordings and have to setup all of our scheduling again. If you are wondering why we had so many recordings, it is because the option to record new episodes only doesn't work so for several shows, it keeps recording the old episodes over and over. If you delete those episodes, within days, they are back again. Note to that you can't deleted multiples at once and have to do it individually. The actually recordings area is a pain to navigate as you can't tell if you have previously watched that episode - no indication that you have watched it or started to watch it. You have to click on each individual episode and when you have 50 episodes, it's hard to find where you left off last. This is just some of many issues. I am 2 months in and just got off a call with a manager called Vic who was rude and condescending. I told him how unhappy I am and the fact that the TV box does not do what it is advertised to do and is plagued with problems. In the end, he agreed to let me out of the 2 year TV contract without penalty but not out of the internet. The penalty to cancel the internet is $315 and if I don't, I can't get bundle pricing if I leave Telus TV. TELUS TV + SUCKS. This new technology should still be in beta testing and should never have been released.


I was mixed. The actual hardware wasn't great, but being able to use an alternate device like an Apple TV worked fine. The recordings management is a real issue and should not be taking this long to sort out. I had the box solely for cloud PVR access since the old hardware can't accommodate it. 


I ended up dropping TV recently because I wasn't using it enough. I'm just focusing on streaming and finding playback on the Global app for Saturday Night Live. There really isn't a strong value proposition anymore for "cable" TV when we're also signing up for a billion streaming services that keep increasing in price.