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Crave via AppleTV


I have OptikTV with the Crave/HBO/Starz package. I am trying to access Crave via the AppleTV app on my AppleTV streamer but it says I need to pay for the subscription. Oddly, I was able to do this recently and watched two episodes of the The Pacific, but now I am prompted for the subscription. All my TV provider accounts on the AppleTV seem active and enabled as does the Crave service.


Is this a TELUS thing or is it an AppleTV thing? Any help would be appreciated.


Community Power User
Community Power User

I'm leaning more toward a Crave or Apple thing but mostly a Crave thing. On my iPhone, Crave at random times no longer recognizes the profile I'm logged in with, which is from Optik, and I have to re-log in to Crave to get it to work again. The Optik app doesn't have that issue for me.

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TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

I'm not sure of the implementation of Crave within the Apple TV app, but that is likely some sort of disconnect between those 2 companies and how they access subscription information. 


For the Crave app on tvOS, I believe that Crave's authorization token lasts 30 days, so you have to log in again after that expires.


You should be able to access all of your Crave content via the TELUS TV+ app on Apple TV (HBO channels at 400/401, Crave channels at 406-409, STARZ at 431/432 and On Demand content via On Demand > Channels > Crave/Starz).