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Recording list is unavailable

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After installing an upgraded optik box we lost all recordings on the other two older boxes. How can we get them back or access them?


I don’t think you can use the older boxes when upgrade to the new cloud pvr.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I believe the reply already given is correct. @Optik-Kate can you confirm this is a similar situation? Older boxes aren't compatible with the latest version?

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Chu 


Can you clarify what you mean by 'upgraded optik box'? Did you replace an HD PVR with a 4K PVR? Did you replace one of your Wireless Digital Boxes? Or did you upgrade to the new Optik TV (you'd be able to identify this by the different user interface)?


If you replaced your PVR - your recordings are gone. The legacy Optik TV system stores your recordings locally on a hard drive, so swapping this means anything on the hard drive is gone. If you simply replaced one of your digital boxes and kept your old PVR, your recordings should be intact. If you switched to the new Optik TV service, your hard-drive based PVR would have been replaced with a cloud-based PVR, and your recordings would be lost.


The easiest way for us to identify what happened would be if you shared the model numbers of the old box (if you have it) and the new box (you can find it on the underside of the box). If your new box is a VIP5662, UIW8001 or TELUSTV-21T, your recordings are gone as they were stored on the hard drive of your old machine.