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[Megathread] Emergency alerts

Friendly Neighbour

Wondering why we are getting emergency alerts a few times every hour for Alberta.  We are in BC no where near the affected areas.


it defeats the purpose to have an emergency alert system when it is not accurate, people begin to ignore them.


I have the same issue. Located in Victoria, BC and getting alerts from Quebec...


I have the same issue. Located in Victoria, BC and getting alerts from Quebec...

Yep started happening again today for me as well.

We have been getting these from Quebec and Alberta since signing up with Telus. Super annoying and it’s going to give my dog a nervous breakdown… just switched from Shaw and wondering if it was a wise choice for this and other reasons. Sure hope this gets addressed soon. My poor mother has major issues trying to get back to her tv shows after these interruptions.

@missprint2 agreed my dog freaks out too with these pointless alerts.

I'm in Vancouver, but whenever there's a severe weather warning in Quebec, I get notified, sometimes multiple times in an hour. I've got location on to approximate itself based on WiFi location, but that doesn't appear to work. 


Does anyone know how I can stop these alerts, or change them to be a bit more regional-specific?

What app is generating the notifications?

It just overlays a red box and angry sound whenever I'm watching TV. 

Which phone do you have?

Sorry my question is N/A, I just noticed this thread is in the Pik section not the Mobility section. 

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @ulrichd 


We're working through a bug where the Emergency Alert System wasn't registering location appropriately. Obviously you don't want alerts that are in a different part of the country - so this should be resolved shortly. There is no option to disable the Emergency Alert System - this is a mandatory requirement to provide as part of the TV license from the CRTC.

Hi @ulrichd, this is something we're working on fixing on the backend. Can you confirm what type of STB you have? Do you have the new TELUS TV Digital box or the older boxes? Thanks. 

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi everyone, we are still making adjustments on the backend to ensure everyone is getting the right alerts. If you are still receiving incorrect alerts, can you let me know what type of STBs you have? The newest TELUS TV+ digital box or the older boxes? Thank you! 

@Optik-KateI’m on the new Android cloud based boxes.

Our boxes are the new Telus TV ones

Friendly Neighbour
Why do I keep getting emergency alerts from Alberta on my Telus TV during the NHL playoffs? I live in BC, 1200 kms away. I have a photo of the alert.

4th alert now, why?


Hey @t3chno1d I believe the reason is that the feed you and a few others were watching was the regional stream for one of those communities but our team has been flagged and we continue to investigate

Friendly Neighbour
Thank you, it's happened several times over the last year. My sister who lives in Vernon was watching on Optik TV and never got any alerts.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Gotcha. Our team is now investigating. There were a few examples raised here over the past few days from people in BC watching a hockey game on an AB feed getting those AB alerts, etc. While it's only a small number of people affected, we're still looking into getting it taken care of!

Yup, major issue here.
I have my own thread started for this too.