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[Megathread] Emergency alerts

Friendly Neighbour

Wondering why we are getting emergency alerts a few times every hour for Alberta.  We are in BC no where near the affected areas.


it defeats the purpose to have an emergency alert system when it is not accurate, people begin to ignore them.


Yup.. I think I got 4 or 5 in the space of an hour yesterday afternoon.. I suggest filing a complaint with the CRTC. I’ve emailed them and have yet to hear back. But this mandated excuse from Telus is a crock.. it only happens on the Android boxes and not the legacy PVRs.

Reboot wasn’t offered I was told “it’s the way it is” although it’s only the way it is for a few of us

Hi all, we've identified a bug on the Emergency Alert System where it isn't registering user locations correctly. Thank you for your patience as we work towards resolving this. I will update the threads once it has been resolved! 

@Optik-Kate I appreciate someone finally taking some ownership on this issue. Perhaps it would be wise to have your off-shore phone support convey this as well instead of telling customers that it’s CRTC mandated and passing the buck.

Thank you and look forward to this getting resolved.

Hi @BNB187 @Unimpressed We made some backend changes, let me know if you are still being bombarded by alerts! 

@Optik-Kate just got an alert for a tornado in eastern Quebec.

@Optik-Kate third time in a couple hours with emergency alert for Quebec.

Make that fourth!

I have the same issue. Located in Victoria, BC and getting alerts from Quebec...

Has this ever been fixed Telus

We just signed up for Telus Optik TV, we live in Vancouver, yet we keep receiving emergency weather alerts for Alberta only. How can we turn this off or change to our area only?

When will this be solved?!! It's so annoying to get 4 and 5 per hour. Each time they come on, you need to restart Netflix and start your movie again. Especially annoying that these warnings are for areas 100s of km away from us

When will this be resolved! We are getting 4 and 5 and hour for locations 100s of kms away from Calgary. New to Telus TV and will go back to Shaw if these issues don't get resolved.

Same issue here, even receiving some in Quebec.   What this is going to end up doing is having the whole cry wolf issue come up where when it DOES affect us might not be something we pay attention to.


Fix it please, 

Have support staff been told there’s an issue? 2 of the ones I dealt with were pretty rude and insistent that it was “normal” any news on when it will be fixed

Hi @Nothrilled @thalakar @RobertJason @Clevelton, we made a backend change, are you still being bombarded by alerts? 

Nope didn't get one last night.  Crossing fingers 🙂

It has been a lot better in the last couple of days

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Hi. Today again (13July). We live in Calgary and have had 12 warnings for extreme weather in Quebec up until 1400 local time. Why is this so complicated?

Hello. We received 12 warnings today all received before 1400hrs local. We live in Calgary. All warnings were for Quebec. Why is this so challenging to get these routed to the proper jurisdictions?

Make it 13. Just got another one in the time is took to write this. Annoying!!!