Renew USA Travel Plan on-line BEFORE old one expires


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My understanding is that currently you may not set up a new USA Travel Plan until the old one expires. If you try to do so, you receive a message saying, "We are unable to add this travel pass. Call 611 to add a travel plan."


Calling 611 and waiting for however long that takes results in the agent saying, "Sorry, our system doesn't allow us to do that."


When I set up my original plan, I was allowed to select the day on which the plan should begin. I can't figure out why I shouldn't be able to set up my next month in advance so it begins immediately after the old one expires, giving me a seamless travel plan without having to worry about roaming fees...


Or am I missing something????

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According to this page you can select your start date, however it is silent on  repeat usages, so I expect you need to start over again once your 30 days expires. You can also add the travel package by text or through My Account, so you can avoid roaming charges by setting a calendar reminder.  While not seamless, I'll lay odds more people would complain about additional add-ons, having forgotten to cancel, than wish to have multiple months of travel packages.


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Thanks for the reply.

Seems to me that when I’m nearing the end of my 30 day plan, & I know I want another 30 days, I should be able to set in motion the next 30 days in advance. The way it is right now, I’m forced to wait until the plan expires & risk phone calls & data roaming etc until I can set the new plan up. Illogical to me.

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