Where are Telus call center located?


Just wanted to know where Telus call center are located when I am calling either in French or English to get answers to my questions about my mobility services. I know that Telus International call center are used to serve Telus customers but is there any located within Canada.


Thanks in advance ! Smiley Happy

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You can see the various places here. You can always dial 611 on your Telus mobility phone.

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I have spoken with bilingual staff in Vancouver. I expect also Montreal. 


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Sure, I think there's a Telus call center in Burnaby still. You can Google that information.


Generally tho, it's tough to keep call centers open in Canada; we just don't like the job. My son worked directory assistance  for a while, and Shaw tech rep for another while, and he'll never do calling again. It takes a certain restrained personality not many people have. He has some fabulously funny stories tho, so those were worth his frustrations! Cat LOL