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Hello Guys

Thanks for your time for looking at my posted questions and share your insights and suggestions. I would appreciate your help and assistance!

As I will come to Canada in the next a couple of weeks as a new immigrant, due to the current prevailing mandatory quarantine rules, the international travelers are asked for mandatory quarantine before having a chance to visit a local TELUS physical store to make purchase for a physical card.

In order to be able to assess the essential internet and telephone call services, currently I am considering of making a purchase for TELUS eSIM Card when arrival in Canada.

I have just checked the descriptions in the TELUS website page in regards to the eSIM card, it mentions that:


Question: Do I need an active physical SIM in my device to activate an eSIM?

Answer: Compatible iOS smartphone: At this time, compatible iOS smartphones require a physical SIM card to be activated first in order to provision the device warranty, after which you can switch to eSIM.


Does anyone understand the mentioned physical SIM Card to be activated in the first place has to be a TELUS SIM Card or Canadian Mobile Carrier SIM Card, or it just simply means any SIM Card are acceptable?


Currently I am using a iPhone which supports the eSIM Card Function at a country outside of Canada, therefore I am checking to see if I could have any chance to be able to use eSIM Card upon arrival after activation.


Thank you very much of your insights.





Community Power User
Community Power User

Since the bold text says "actived first in order to provision the device warranty", that makes it sound like it was referring to a new phone purchased through Telus, rather than your existing phone.

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Thank you for your indications!


Many places put in a physical SIM first because the phone needs to have a data connection of some sort.  This can be achieved by connecting with W-Fi also, but unfortunately some companies or people don't understand the process so they insist upon putting in a physical SIM first.  Bear in mind that in many places, including Canada, eSim is only on postpaid accounts, not prepaid.  It makes no sense to me that a physical sim would be required for "device warranty" particularly in your case, but warranties are generally by serial number not phone number.  Lots of misunderstandings out there.  Good luck.