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Is it possible Telus has the worst customer service ever?

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This post is more a rant then anything that hopefully someone at Telus will read and make changes.  I am getting automatic messages from Telus on one of my company phones saying that its out of data and to buy more, while in fact the account has access to another 248gb of data.  I tried to call Telus to see what's going on but its apparently impossible to speak to a live human being, I ended up in a screaming match with the robot that answers the phone and eventually got to the phase of speaking with a person, however no person was available.  I selected the callback option and waited the half hour for the call back, the phone rang and was automatically put on hold for a few minutes to then be put through to a line that rang for 20 minutes or so with no answer before I gave up and hung up.  At no point have I spoken with a human being.  Sales people manage to call me several times a month trying to offer one service or another often times trying to sell me Business Connect which I already subscribe to (I've been waiting months for the accounting department to get back to me about my business connect account due to an error from initial deployment). 


I've been with Telus for about a year now and I'm ready to bail over the brutal customer support.  My company was was with Bell for 8 or so years before this and with Sasktel 10 or so years before Bell, I didn't experience support this badly from either of those companies.  Telus has decent sales people but after sales support is non existent.  I run my own company and my time is extremely valuable to me, the time wasted trying to sort out small issues (of which there seem to be many) with Telus pales in comparison to the money I saved by switching providers.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. We can definitely escalate your case to get this resolved via a callback from our Business team directly. To do so, we'd need to verify your account, so reach out to us over at our Twitter or Facebook pages with a DM/PM so we can verify your account and gather your contact info!

Just Moved In

Telus. Your customer service agents and reps have such heavy accents that it's really hard to understand them. I am an immigrant myself and I can imagine the plight of native English speakers who have to stress and put in so much effort to understand the reps on the other side. 

By no means am I wanting to be insensitive to their efforts but it's just not helpful. I spent 2.5 hours just trying to get a new mobility connection. As a working professional and has no opportunity to go to the local stores for something this simple, I don't think it's something Telus can afford to loose a customer. 

Just Moved In

Telus customer service has been disappointing. Initially, we were promised a $40 unlimited data plan, but it turned out to be untrue. The salesperson at the shopping center lured us with promotions just to get us to sign up for the plan, but our actual monthly bill is higher than what they advertised. We reached out to four different Telus customer service representatives, as well as an in-store salesperson, and each of them provided conflicting information regarding our monthly charges. I wonder if Telus is facing financial difficulties, as their service quality has left much to be desired. I'm considering switching to Fido, as they seem to offer better service.