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Ported number away from Telus, now they call me by a different name

Last Thursday I switched over to Rogers, and I ported my number. I’ve had this number for ten years. Now, whenever I call Telus, the automated voice calls me “Sandra” (not my name). One rep called me Sandra as well, and when I asked her what was up with that she said she had no idea?

Meanwhile, when I give them my real name, that works to verify my account, too.

What is up with Sandra? My account is closed now, but my phone number is still mine so I’m concerned why there’s someone else’s name involved now.

Community Manager
Community Manager

It's difficult to say without taking a deep dive into the account (which we cannot do via community). Might there be any one else in the family that goes by that name that might be associated with the account either as an additional line or an authorized person?


You should still be able to log into your online account and in doing so, are there any clues to a "Sandra" being added?

Hi there,

There is absolutely nobody in my family named Sandra. It kind of worries me that this has happened and I would love if someone could investigate this thoroughly?


Forgot to mention, when I log on to my account there’s no mention of Sandra. It’s only when I call in via telephone.