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Easy Roam


Why won't Telus allow this to be added to any postpaid plan? They say my plan is not eligible. Doesn't make sense. I see the option to add it on my phone but somehow it's disabled because it generates an error message. I know that physically it can be added because at one point, when I called, I reached a very knowledgeable agent who added it only for my trip dates. Telus, for some reason, just seems to choose to be less convenient. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Is it possible EasyRoam is already active on your account? Since it is only triggered when you are travelling and connected to a partner network, there is no need to remove it between trips.

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No, I checked my account and it is definitely disabled. When I called today on an unrelated matter, I was told again that EasyRoam is not compatible with my plan. I know that this is really just a ruse to get you to upgrade your plan since they were able to activate it for a specific timeframe when I called about it previously.


There seems to be an intermittent server error for managing Easy Roam.
















I tried it again later and it worked


I've been trying for a long time. Your error message is a bit different than mine. Telus definitely does not want to add this to my plan.



What plan do you have? It works on all 4 of my plans.

It's an EPP (Employee Purchase Plan). I've had it for quite a while. My wife has had a Virgin plan just as long and she has no issue with adding the equivalent service (Roam Sweet Roam). I don't buy this "not compatible" business because as mentioned, they actually added it for a defined period a while back. Seems like it would be much easier just to add it on a blanket basis.