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Adding a cell phone

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Because we live in a rural area, we have our internet delivered via cell.  Currently Telus.  We also have a land line, and a cell phone on separate plans.  I want to bundle this, but I cant seem to get the right department.  Telus is really hard to work with as their departments seem to be unable to connect.  One department for this and another for that.  My other issue is that I was running out of internet space during covid and when I called to ask for more, I was offered a new plan for the same price with double the data.  That was great, but why wasn’t I switched to this before?  I dont even know after spending a lot of time online, if I can do what I want.  I have tried calling but I am somewhat hard of hearing and have only been in touch with agents with thick foreign accents.  Hard for me to understand.  When we have gone to the store ,we are told they cant do what we want.  They just want to sell us a new phone and plan.  



Sorry to hear that you've been having difficulty reaching the right team. You may request to speak to Mobile & Home Sales team so they can assist you with bundling your Mobility and Home Services. You can dial *611 from your mobile phone and their hours of operation is 9AM - 6PM EST, Monday - Sunday. Best to call them early in the morning for less wait time.

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Thank you, but no, that doesn’t answer my question, as I said I don’t want to speak to an agrnt I can’t understand 


Did you register with My TELUS for online access to your account? That's where I linked all my services.

@Lulu57 wrote:

I want to bundle this, but I cant seem to get the right department.

The best way to get in touch with an agent is through online Chat. There will be a bot asking questions, but say "I want to speak to a person" enough times and you will be connected.


@Lulu57 wrote:

That was great, but why wasn’t I switched to this before?  

TELUS will not change your plan without your consent. Also, they probably don't have people reviewing everyone's plans and data usage to see if they would benefit from a switch.