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being charged for texts i never sent

Have an iPhone and my billing came out with $100 in international texts I never made, 2 of them were made while on a plane with phone in airplane mode. there are no texts on my phone for these 2 US numbers and so far telus has been no help. I see the...

Davyseal by Friendly Neighbour
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4G only works with WiFi

Over the past few days my telus service has stopped working fully when not connected to WiFI. I can still call and SMS although some people complain of failed deliveries with text messages. What I noticed is that Google maps and Wave have no or limit...

penguin by Just Moved In
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How to safely buy used iphone

HiI'm looking for a used iphone. I heard a horrible story where a lady in Edmonton bought a used iphone from an individual. Everything checked out at the time but before she could activate it the seller reported it stolen. Would I need to activate th...

Frznrth by Organizer
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Telus Doesn't Support VOLTE?

Looking in network setting on my brand new pixel 7 and there is no option for VOLTE or VO5G.This is insane. What is going to happen when 3g is unsupported? No voice coverage unless you are home on WiFi?

BDiddy by Friendly Neighbour
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The telus website wont sell me a phone.

I have a phone through the epp program (Canada Post) and am trying to buy a phone but the website wont allow me to.1 hour wait time to talk to a human with godawfull elevator music blaring in my ear or 45 min wait for online chat. Does telus really e...

Very unhappy new cusfomer!

I am a very unhappy new customer who is frustrated because my IPHONE 14 Max pro 256 in gold that I paid for is missing. I wanted to cut off my services with freedom mobile but until now I am paying for another billing cycle because Telus and UPS cann...

Resolved! Stream+

I woke up this morning to 6 emails from Telus saying there were changes to my account and services added. I have 4 devices on my account. Two phones and two iPads. I had stream+ on one phone. Somehow it added the service to the other phone and 2 iPad...