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My ZTE Cymbal 2 phone isn't connecting to my computer

Just Moved In

My ZTE Cymbal 2 flip phone connected before with my computer then one time I accidentally clicked charge only for the option when you connect it to a computer and now I don't get the option anymore no matter what I do, and the in settings there is an option where you can connect to PC. Still, it's not letting me click that option it's a gray colour over the option and I can't select it. can somebody help me?



You didn't say but I'll assume you are on a Windows PC.

  1. In the Windows Search type Device Manager and open it
  2. In the View menu select
    1. Devices by Type
    2. Show hidden devices
  3. Click on the Portable Devices type in the tree
  4. Look for a device that matches your phone
  5. Click right mouse on your device and select Uninstall
  6. Close Device Manager
  7. Connect your phone to the PC and it should now install the device as new and present you with the choices for what to do when it's connected 

Pull down from the top of the screen once you connect it. You should see a small bar where it days, charging only. Tap on that and change it to USB for File Transfer.