Is there any plan for students cheaper than $65.00 a month plus tax


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CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I remember the old days when Rogers wanted to charge $100 for just 2mb.  It's amazing how affordable data is now.


Things I have done to reduce my monthly costs...

  • look at smaller data plan
  • look at one of the older Blackberries which offers data compression on the BIS (BB7 offers 6 times compression)
  • reducing the number of voice minutes
  • have a close look at what features you have on your phone you might not need.

I looked at the competition myself...

  • they did not offer the coverage to where I live and work
  • they did not have coverage inside transit tunnels, office towers, residential towers, shopping malls or hotels.
  • they did not offer coverage in small communities where I vacation
  • discount carriers wanted roaming charges when I visited the suburbs
  • many unlimited carriers did not offer 3G or LTE data speeds..... they only offered 2G and it would be throttled after a certain amount



CPU Alum
CPU Alum

To clarify, what province are you in?  On the West Coast, I see plans at $45 a month when I went looking at the website.