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Additional fee from post office for new phone?!

Just Moved In
I just ordered a new phone and paid through Telus etc. Now I’m left a note on my door that I need to collect it at the post office with ID (previously it just needed a signature) and owe an additional $37!?!

I honestly should have gone in store but with my job and EPP I thought it was going to be better but this additional fee irritates me. Like I paid over a grand and I’m expected to pay $30 in shipping now too!?

Community Power User
Community Power User

I would take it up with the Post Office. I have never experienced an additional fee for pickup of parcels at the post office, though I have received scam emails saying I had a package I had to pay for.
Just seems strange.


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I would have told them to return it to Telus instead of paying that fee. Did they charge you the fee and if so. Did you find out what the fee was for?