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Using 2 routers and IP Address


I am posting this wondering how anyone who puts a switch between their ONT and routers manage to get around the issue of only having 1 IP Address? I have internet 150/150 and there's only 1 IP Address provided and I want to use my own router while keeping the Actiontec router for optik tv. 


I've notice my router goes down here and there because of the lack of 2 ip addresses I believe but it works for a few days before it goes down. So i'm wondering how some of you get around this.


Good for you. I am actually using pfsense on both routers. I have 4 servers running in my basement for GSM communications and VPN's. Normally the smallest number of hosts an ISP can provide is 4 ip's but useable are only 2, since the other 2 ip's are for network and broadcast addresses.


Good Day… Out of curiosity, your configuration seems very similar to mine… Please correctly me if my assumptions are incorrect here…


You mentioned previously that you were not utilizing ant of the Telus equipment in your setup, correct assumption on my part?


As well, you mentioned that you have 2 pfSense routers configured as your head end, again is this a correct assumption on my part?


So, you must be splitting the signal prior to the routers. What I’m curious about is the switch installed in the front end… I assume it’s a SFP capable switch?


I have a 4 port Cheap/inexpensive SFP switch splitting the incoming data from the ISP, this allows the dual IP addressing to my install 2 Unifi routers. The problem I’m having is every once in a while, I lose connection to one of the other IP’s as this switch get very warm.


If you wouldn’t mind letting me know what head end switch you have utilized for this function, as I’m eager to replace mine with one that will handle the data flow and the heat incurred…




The only equipment that I use from telus fiber is their Nokia optical modem. I did not use any SFP since I am using the TELUS provided optical modem that provide the conversion from fiber signal to ethernet. Yes I have a gigabit switch after the optical modem and 2 pfsense router connected to the gigabit switch. As per description of yours, I would say that you are not using any optical modem?



Ah, I got it now…. My system has the T3200 GPON transceiver directly connected to a 4-port fiber switch. And then that switch has 2 fiber connections to my 2 routers…


I got just where I was mistaken now… I’ll experiment with better fiber switches till I find one that can handle the heat… I truly thank everyone for there time addressing this matter….



You should be able to use 2 routers base on your sub-net mask.

I have this exact set up going from the ont to a gigabit switch, and then out to a linksys router and tp link router. Everything works great and then after a few hours, the internet disconnects on the tp link router.


Tried the same set up with the telus 3200 and linksys and the same internet connections cuts off on the telus 3200 but holds on the linksys. 


If i reset the router that dropped the connection it works for a couple hours then drops the internet connection again.


Any idea what is going wrong here?

Helpful Neighbour

I don't know if it's different with fibre (I only have DSL), but Telus allotted two IPs per line since they started.

I have an Actiontec gateway, with my own router connected in Bridge Mode, and both devices have their own external IP.