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Google Mail server JUNK mail

Just Moved In

What is with the sudden rash of Junk mail?   I knew there was going to be trouble when Telus switched to Google Mail as the host server.  Sure Google is around the world, but at what cost to the user?  


Makes me think of these comments / questions...

1. A rash of junk mail

2. when interfacing with Mac mail, likes to create folders that I don't want / need, such as Archive. How and where do you find a way to turn of the archiving

3. Filtering (aka: Rules) - how do you set up rules with Google mail, so junk from Jolene Osbourne won't even download  to my mail software on my Mac.

4. Is this really just a way for Telus to make more money by causing the end user (it's own customers), to use more DATA by going out of the Telus network to retrieve mail? 

5. what happened to - or how does one manage their aliases?  The first alias that I gave to the Telus tech that contacted me, before the switch, is the alias that gets the most junk mail.  Thank GOD I didn't give my most common alias to him.





I've had zero spam emails from the account since the switch to the Google mail system. I don't use this email address at all for registering to web sites or newletters etc. I suspect the source of most of your spam are the sites you use selling their mailling lists or having data breaches.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I'm not a fan of Gmail but it's what we've got.


1. This is user specific. Likely your email address made it into a spammer database and you are now the unlucky recipient.

2. The archive is not active. Just one of Gmails many folders.

3. Manage spam and allowed-lists - Google Workspace Admin Help

4. Not sure how switching to Gmail would require more data than the previous system?

5. You will need to talk to Telus to work with aliases.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.