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Telus webmail down yet again


This is happening all the time why is this?


Hey guys!

Webmail is in fact down. So sorry for the inconvenience!!! It has been down for the last few hours.


Here is the status: 

Issue Details:

Error and latency is experienced within webmail
  • Users are delayed or unable to access their email services

Actions / Updates:

INITIAL - Apr 17, 17:08 ET
  • Issue is isolated to email accounts whose password was just changed
  • Support teams continue to investigate, no ETR

We do not have an ETR but the fact it has been reported is great and we are on it to fix ASAP! Hang tight and thanks for your patience.

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CPU Alum
CPU Alum

It has been working intermittent for me for several hours.  Just got off chat with support.  They are still working on the problem.

I am able to sign in and see my emails, but then I get kicked out and have to log in again and again...

It seems as though a great many email customers are having this problem, as I have been since yesterday, and what are we met with by Telus reps?  Near complacency.  When is this cash-heavy Telus going to correct this problem?


No kidding, "why is this?"  If this monolith Telus does not fix this problem today, I cancel their shoddy service.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Email works fine if you use an email client on your device. So there is a work-around. Guessing the issue with the webmail front-end is not simple to find, else it would be fixed already.


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The whole point of their webmail service for me is I DON'T want to import mail to my computer. I leave everything on their server. No problems with viruses that way and I can access everything from any computer...This outage is LONG in the tooth and totally unacceptable.


Email works fine if you use an email client on your device. So there is a work-around. Guessing the issue with the webmail front-end is not simple to find, else it would be fixed already.



I totally Son has Shaw  and he never experiences problems like Telus does...Telus has become a horrible provider indeed...

I managed to get them on the line. They told me, 4 hours ago, they would call my cell when the problem was fixed. Oh, bravo.


For the past 3 days, all of a sudden my Email service has been completely UP and DOWN.. Specifically for my cell phone it keeps crashing and saying "unable to verify [My email  name] security certificate"

It keeps taking me to my "Incoming Settings" on my cell phone as if something in the settings has changed... I would normally think that I must have some how did something (Even tho I never touched anything) or something in the background causing issues.. However my DESKTOP computer is having email issues as well. It keeps timing out and asking for my login credentials again even tho it's all set to automatically enter my login information.

I've TRIED to get support but after waiting nearly an HOUR, I gave up..

Seems they’ve been having some kind of backend issue since at least 4 days ago. I’d imagine they’ll have it fixed soon.

same problem one day okay for email next Telus doesn't have certificate clearance and internet blocks my access to email

Community Power User
Community Power User

@bluedais check out the Info more then likely reason behind it.


cannot login to webmail, first it says internal error . then it tells me I am entering password wrong, which I am not , tells me to reset, so I hit reset, sending to email the problem ...cant log in!!! only after when I go to contact Telus do I find out there is a problem, so now do I still have to change password ??

In the past month our webmail has been down at least three times. The last time this happened Telus reset our accounts and all our emails and files were lost and there’s no way to restore them. Why all the issues lately? Maybe it’s time to switch providers.


I am on Vancouver Island. Is anyone else having trouble opening webmail?



There is an outage with webmail at the moment unfortunately.

Is it not possible to show a status message at the login prompt rather than have people wonder what's happening? I have been trying with 3 different web browsers to log in to webmail for at least the last 2 hours until I finally found this forum and realized it was a TELUS issue, not a problem with stuff at my end.

My beef with Telus is exactly this. I have been trying to send work files for the last 2 hours with no luck, and just found this forum also. Not the first time I've had this issue and probably won't be the last.

This is the 2nd time in a month that Telus email is down.....this time,it went down Tuesday afternoon and is still down Wednesday morning. It has nothing to do with password changes. Telus needs to advise it's customers on this site what is going on with timely updates so we know they are actively trying to resolve their issues and when we can expect service to be up and running again. Please and Thank-you.