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Purefibre Internet Gigabit and Optik TV Install Nightmare

Just Moved In

I'm having a horrible time getting my internet hooked up. Has anyone else had any issues with TELUS technician "no shows"? I have had 3 confirmed appointments booked in the last ten days and each time the technician has failed to show up. TELUS technical support has been no help. I think I've spent more time with them in the last couple of weeks that my own family. The only thing that keeps it fresh is that every time I call TELUS technical support it's like starting from square one. I have to spend ten minutes explaining all of the previous failures of the technical support team, then they apologize profusely, then they tell me the problem has been solved. When I realize problem hasn't been solved, I call back and we start all over. It's an exquisite little dance we repeat over and over again.  



Hey @swanny I am more than happy to look into this issue. Send me a message if you still need help