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POP email migration not working properly


I transitioned my email on Friday and it isn't working properly.

I set up the new gmail account to be a pop account.

I am running Outlook 2007 on my desktop and set it up to talk to the gmail servers, both pop and smpt.

It downloads some of the incoming emails but not all.

I am also running Fossamail on my laptop which also talks to the same account.  It also is only getting some of the incoming messages, but not all.

I tried to set up the gmail app on my phone but what I see on the screen does not gybe with what telus says I should be seeing so that is completely stalled.

I went to the gmail account through my browser and marked everything as unread but that didn't help.

I tried a Telus live chat but the CSR had no idea what I was talking about.

So I went from a decent working email system to a broken mess.

Anybody here have any ideas what to do?


I share your disdain with the way Telus has handled this migration, but I managed to get it working with the help of a fellow developer. I personally do not use Outlook, but he did, and was able to advise me on how to set up Gmail. I use POP3 on port 995 to and SMTP on port 465 to Originally, I setup Gmail to "Allow less secure Apps", but Gmail has hinted strongly that they are going to disable that shortly. I now use 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) and "App Password". App Password is a 16 byte random string assigned by Google, and is used in place of the Gmail/Telus password. J.A. Coutts

Community Power User
Community Power User

Thank you.

adding recent: at the head of my username seemed to have done the trick.

Considering the Telus has been at this for a while, they should have added this info to their guides.  I guess they were in a hurry to lay off their email team.

Thanks again.


Friendly Neighbour

What bothered me is that the only suggestion to migrate your account was an IMAP one.  I spent hours trying to copy emails on Thunderbird between the two account types (from my POP3 to my new IMAP) and in the process ended up deleting a bunch.  There was no information on how to keep a POP account at all which is what I prefer.  I'm not moving between devices -- I view and respond to my emails on my laptop.  I managed to get it to work thanks to google etc. but it took awhile.  I feel bad for those who are not google-proficient and esp for those who are like people I know who are not tech savvy at all and had a POP account and ended up with IMAP and don't know the difference.


Not very well planned at all.   I hope they send out a survey about "How did the email migration go for you?" and I'll be letting them know!

Adding "recent:" to the email address did not work for me. It would not authenticate when I added it. J.A. Coutts

It worked for me.  Make sure there is no space between recent: and your email address.

Good luck.  Telus has not been helpful at all.


Google Help (what little there is) suggested that it only works if IMAP is used, rather than straight POP3. Anyway, I temporarily solved the problem by configuring my third party supplier to forward email to 2 separate Gmail accounts (one Telus and one freebie). Unfortunately, I still have an issue with the way Gmail handles the UIDL command. Instead of returning a list of emails newer than the message ID I send, it returns one at a time. J.A. Coutts

With zero help from Telus, and using trial & error, I was able to determine that Gmail does indeed return a list of unread messages on the server. The problem is that they use a different format in response to the UIDL command. The old Telus server would respond with something like this: +OK 2 messages 1 <> 2 <[email protected]> . Gmail responds like this: +OK 1 GmailId 177e4a81a12e25e0 2 GmailId 177e4ae099ae8ad1 . The old server would respond with the number of messages in the first line, and Gmail does not. J.A. Coutts